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Ukrainian general spoke of the attitude of Kiev to the sailors of the Kerch Strait News | news

The Ukrainian seamen who violated the Russian border in the Kerch stretch were thrown by the authorities in Kiev, said the former head of Ukrainian Secretary General Nikolai Malomuzh.

According to him, there are two options: either Kiev did not know what the consequences would be if Ukrainian warships came into Russian territorial waters or knew, and the road was intentionally built.

"Getting into the zone, as Russia controls, can not be any other options, except that Russia should use violence. In view of legal norms and international law, we are right, but we have the fact that they really put up our sailor, says the General Politeka.

According to him, if Kiev deliberately chose this road, this is "a big crime" On November 25, three Ukrainian warships, Berdyansk, Yany Kapu and Nikopol entered the Russian territorial waters, ignoring FSB's border guards' requirement to stay. " The vessels made dangerous maneuvers and continued to move, which forces the Russian military to use force.

The detained ships 20 km from the Russian coast and 50 km from the place where the ships usually walked along the Kerch stretches, RIA Novosti reports.

Criminal proceedings began the case of illegal border crossing. On November 27, a court in Crimea arrested 1

2 of 24 Ukrainian sailors.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the actions of Ukrainian warships are a provocation and Russia responded sufficiently to the invasion of their waters.

Following the incident, President Poroshenko introduced a bill to Rada on the introduction of the war. The document was adopted with amendments. Campaign is introduced in several regions of the country from 28 November over a period of 30 days.


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