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Litecoin and NEO to lead the growing cryptocurrency market

The market for cryptocurrency shows growth on Monday, January 7, but if bitcoin grew by 6.33% over the last 24 hours, Litecoin and NEO show even more impressive results among the most liquid assets.

These two cryptography courses were the only ones in the Top-40 CoinMarketCap, whose growth over the last day was over 10%.

Thus, LTC increased by 10.63% and traded at about $ 39.30 at the time of publication. Earlier on Sunday night, the LTC weighted average price increased close to $ 40.00. The capitalization of "digital silver" increased to $ 2.35 billion, allowing LTC to bypass Stellar and rise to 6th place in the CoinMarketCap list.

Even NEO – "Chinese Ethereum" for The last day has increased in price by more than 15%. In the early hours of Monday, NEO went up to $ 8.89 and in a short moment CoinMarketCap pressed Ethereum Classic from 18th place, but after a slight correction, it returned to 19th place.

From 09:00 UTC On January 7, the weighted average bitcoin rate was $ 4,079. Ethereum continues to hold second place in the form of capitalization and trades at around $ 156 (+ 2.38%). The third party's XRP has grown by 6% in 24 hours and costs about $ 0.376.

The total market value of cryptographic rate is $ 138.3 billion this hour. The most important news and votes.

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