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Is it true that a ghost planet will destroy the earth on August 16th

The Internet "literally" exploded "with warnings about the transient end of the world, which may already come August 16, 2018. The reason for the next apocalypse is to be a mysterious planet killer Nibiru. The presence of which astronomers can not confirm or disprove.

Nibiru or "Incredible Hulk": The End of the World Promised August 16, 2018 caused controversies

Researchers appointed "a new world broadcast on August 16, 2018 because of Nibiru and the comedian" Incredible Khalk. "

According to a number of researchers, on the night of August 16, 2018, near the solar magnet S / 2017 S3, twice as much as Jupiter, approaching the ground for a minimum distance

"Komsomolskaya Pravda-Ukraine" writes that the heavenly The body will be visible to the naked eye already on August 7th. For the first time, experts saw a giant comedy in September last year and noted their amazing green glow, for which they nicknamed "Incredible Hulk" to honor Ihechutlu Super Hero from the Marvel universe.

The comet misses a tail and August 2, 201

8, its brightness increased sharply. It is noted that on August 16, 2018, the comet will approach the earth within the Mercury district, and conspirologists immediately declared that this phenomenon will lead to the end of the world. This statement was made by the researchers referring to the revelations of John theology, according to which all living things on earth await the death of the "green rider" to horse.

Against this background, a researcher named Tyler Glockner stated that "The Incredible Hulk" is not a comet, but the same mysterious planet Nibiru, whose existence has been argued for several years by researchers. However, he agrees with the views expressed above that it is this approaching celestial body that will kill all life on the planet.

In turn, Russian media reported that a strange comet without tail would not lead to an irreversible catastrophe and apocalypse, broke up in mid July.

The Comic "Unfavored Hulk" PHOTO

Previously, journalists referred to the astronomer Yevgeny Dmitriev, who explained that the greatest danger of "Incredible Hulk" would not be his collision with the earth , and passage of our planet through gas-dust clouds, whose diameter is 260 thousand kilometers. Dmitriev described the consequences of this situation as disastrous.

In particular, the researcher gave rise to a giant flash that would give rise to a powerful electromagnetic electromagnetic pulse that could destroy civilization.

The most likely date for the end of the world was August 7, 2018. He said that on that day all electronic equipment and life support, including power plants, vehicles and aircraft, would cease to work.

Many publications retrieved the news and "KP" also quoted the opinion of Professor Vladimir Lyapunov, Professor of Moscow State University, who said that if "ionized plasma" of the comet will touch the earth, then in the atmosphere there will be electric discharges. At the same time, the expert emphasized that the comet will pass very far, so nothing like this will happen.

Stanislav Korotky, Head of the Private Observatory "Ka-Dar", said that "Incredible Hulk" will fly to Earth on August 7, 2018, but the flight distance is 113.4 million kilometers, apparently not enough to destroy the earth .

But among uphologists and conspirologists there is still talk that on August 16, 2018, Nibiru threatens the earth with natural disasters and drawing scenarios of the apocalyptic end light

Is it true that Nibiru will destroy the earth on August 16, 2018?

Giant and unpredictable, cunning and simply invisible to specialists – so they describe the killer planet that, as the "scientists" promise, can destroy life on earth. By the way, the collision may not happen – Nibiru will suffice to reach the maximum distance to kill all of us.

The reason is to be a strong magnetic field surrounding the ghost of the planet. It affects the Earth's field, causing irreversible climate change.

When Nibiru approaches, volcanoes will wake up, the weather becomes unpredictable and the waters of the oceans will suddenly land on. We will be flooded with lava and water, we will drown in the mud, we will have "hail" and thunderstorms, lightning and so on – generally we will not go suddenly and suddenly, but at last we will take the rescue circuits but unprofitable

Unpleasant forecast for mankind is probably already confirmed, as the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable, global warming begins to pour and volcanoes are really worried.

At the same time, researchers are ready to argue that fluctuations in nature are a consequence of Nibiru, becoming and it is known Therussiantimes.com.

Nibiru 2018, the latest news: A giant plan approaches

 Nibiru 2018, the latest news: Is it true that the planet - it's so that the earth is about to

"Researchers" continue to insist that the giant planet killer Nibiru flies to earth, who is capable of destroying all life in the near future.

According to the former employee of the American Geological Department, Ethan Trowbridge, Planet X was previously made from Mars a lifeless desert, and now its "goal" is the earth.

According to him, our planet will be destroyed because of Nibirus's monstrous gravity when the heavenly body comes close to us.

The Russian astronomer Damir Demin argues with Trowbridge claiming that the apocalypse due to Nibiru will occur on 21-26 February 2021. He notes that about five years ago earthquakes were already saved through a mysterious planet, but then said that he should ruin the earth 2020. Now, thanks to the discovery of new information, Russia described the period "the end of the world".

Demin claims that Nibiru for unknown reasons stopped and remained immobile for more than 150 hours, then again "moved".

Not Nibiru, So Comet: August 16, Another Danger Threats the Earth

Other researchers based on research conducted on July 2, 2018, said they found a comet that could increase the brightness of its luminescence. Based on the results of the calculations, experts said that the apocalypse on our planet will occur on August 16, 2018.

Experts refer to the "confirmation" of this assumption to the bible Word of John theologian saying that everything on earth will die by a green rider on horse and official science confirmed that on August 16, 2018, an Anuran Coma comes with a green glow of C / 2017 S3 (PanSTARRS) to approach our planet.

This celestial body moves in the halon of a gas cloud whose diameter is larger than Jupiter. For its color, the comedy was called "the amazing Hulk".

Despite the panic of ufologists and futurists, NASA continues that Nibiru is a myth and for the earth there are no significant threats from space.

Astronomer denies the likelihood of the end of the world August 16, 2018

 Nibiru 2018, the latest news: Is it true that the planet's ghost destroys the earth on August 16th

The situation with the planet Nibiru and the threat like that brings to earth, not only astrologers without and historians with archaeologists. Together, they found out that the ancient summers knew about Nibiru, and in their mythology it was interpreted by the "Plan of Death."

They talked about a mysterious planet and the 80's of the last century – then it appeared in the work of science fiction author Zachary Sitchin. The author was a little acquainted with astrology, archeology and sumer culture, and suggested that these are the "hands" of the planet Nibiru – the destruction of the solar system that was between Mars and Jupiter.

Fantastically suggested that the revolution around Nibiru Sun does it for more than 3500 years, that's why it's so hard to discover it.

In order to prevent a lot of panic, NASA officials officially stated that there is no question of a collision with the spacecraft 2018, nor about the existence of the plan you Nibiru.

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