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Almost 8 BTC stolen due to phishing attacks on LocalBitcoins

A popular platform for physical purchase and sale of bitcoins, LocalBitcoins has confirmed that it has undergone a phishing attack, resulting in at least six of its users losing their money. A total of 7.95205862 BTC was stolen from them (about $ 28,000).

A LocalBitcoins message on Reddit says that around 10:00 UTC on Saturday, January 26, employees of the exchange discovered a security issue that resulted in an "unauthorized source I could access a number of accounts and use them to send transactions." 19659003] LocalBitcoins Security Issue Report 01/26/201

9 https://t.co/HD3MrbEXbl via @reddit

– LocalBitcoins.com (@ LocalBitcoins) January 26, 2019

LocalBitcoins Representatives said that they managed to identify the problem and stop the attack. It is alleged that it was associated with a feature provided by third-party software. Therefore, a phishing link has been published on the platform forum.

As a Reddit user explains when visiting the LocalBitcoins forum, it was redirected to a phishing page asking you to re-enter login information, including 2FA code. As a result, hackers could also empty protected accounts.

The panel attendance also identified the address to which the stolen funds arrived. According to blockchain, a total of five transfers were made to it, after which funds from this address were withdrawn.

There were no additional comments from LocalBitcoins, but the ability to post new posts on the forum is still disabled for security reasons.

Remember that at the end of 2018, users often complained on LocalBitcoins website, which even forced the company to go to maintenance.

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