President Trump defended his tweet warning among the Minneapolis unrest that said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

; The phrase echoes the language of a 1967 Miami police chief who clarified his dissatisfaction with civic activists. (May 29)

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British TV news host Piers Morgan and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani engaged in a bitter scream match Thursday over a controversial tweet from President Donald Trump.

The blowout began after Morgan’s “Good Morning Britain” co-host Susanna Reid asked Giuliani about Trump’s controversial May 29 tweet who used the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The phrase is associated with a former Miami sheriff who brutally cracked down on protesters against segregation in the 1960s. Trump was sentenced to use it for the violence that erupted during the protests following George Floyd’s death – a black man who was choked when a Minneapolis police officer stabbed him with a knee to the neck.

“Many people think it was a completely inappropriate way to calm the protest,” Reid said, calling it “almost a threat of violence,” pointing out that Twitter flagged for violating its rules of glorifying violence.

“You deliberately misinterpret President Trump because the left media has some kind of hatred against him that is actually pathological,” Giuliani said.

This response got Morgan into the fight.

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Morgan repeatedly tried to ask Giuliani a question as the president’s personal lawyer continued to defend him. He said Trump did not know the origin of the phrase and said the sign for the riots that took place in Minneapolis rests with the city’s Democratic mayor. He also said the phrase was an “accurate statement” because police officers had been shot during the unrest.

Trump has similarly defended his use of the term on Twitter, saying it “was spoken as a fact, not a statement.”

“I’m up here one o’clock in the morning answering your questions, so I would think you’d give me permission to answer,” Giuliani said as Morgan tried to interrupt. He went on to condemn the news media and defend Trump, who he said had handled the events “really excellent.”

“Can you hear me, Rudy? It’s Piers Morgan,” he said.

“I can. I can hear you interrupting me, for sure,” Giuliani replied.

Morgan told Giuliani that he “talked full pat.”

“The president of the United States job, when this kind of thing happens, is to keep the temperature down, not to put fuel on the fire,” Morgan said.

Morgan rejected Giuliani’s claims that the controversy was being manufactured and that the media members “have become political propagandists rather than journalists.”

“Who are you people?” demanded Morgan, who was a contestant on Trump’s show “Celebrity Apprentice” and has often defended the president. “I have known Donald Trump for 13 years. I have been very opinionated about him, which I am sure you are aware of.”

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The two men continued to talk about each other for several minutes.

“What mass of junk you are asking,” Giuliani said with a raised voice. “It happens to be actually accurate, no matter who it came from. If you start looting, people will start shooting. You will kill people, and they have killed people and you are not covering it because you” are a bunch of ponies! ”

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“Rudy, what happened to you?” Morgan asked. “You used to be one of the most revered people in America.”

“You can say whatever you want because I have no respect for you,” Giuliani said. He continued to scream at Morgan, claiming that Trump’s tweet was not “inflammatory” but “correct,” before declaring, “This interview is over, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Do you know what, Rudy? I’m sorry, but you sound totally barking crazy. Do you know?” Said Morgan.

“No, I do not!” Giuliani replied.

“You’re the one thrown away from television here,” Giuliani said, referring to Morgan’s CNN, which was canceled in 2014. “I know what happened to your show, Pierce. And I remember the mistakes you made. And I remembered how you —– up. “

It was unclear if Giuliani said “sucked” or used an expletive at that point, but Morgan later accepted it and apologized to his viewers.

“When I used to interview you, you were an intelligent, reasonable man. And you got really angry,” Morgan said. “And you sound confused. You are abusive. And it’s really sad to see what happened to you.”

Giuliani continued to insult Morgan for how his “career imploded in the United States” before the host called him “unhinged” and accused him of using profanity, which Giuliani vehemently denied when the interview ended.

The controversial exchange quickly attracted attention on social media.

“Well ok now. Someone still wants to say that Rudy Giuliani hasn’t completely lost it? This is unreal,” tweeted former Democratic Senate Claire McCaskill.

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