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Ronny Jackson does not return as Trump's personal doctor, reports

Dr. Ronny Jackson, president's former personal doctor and short-term candidate for veteran secretary, will not return to his old job, reported media deals on Sunday.

Jackson, a posterior admiral in the Navy, took his name in charge of conducting VA last week in connection with a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee's inquiry into allegations that he created an "hostile working environment" and improperly distributed medication. He was also accused of "excessive drinking at work" and crashed a state vehicle.

On Sunday, Politico reported that Jackson would not return to his old role as President Donald Trump's personal doctor, referring to two White House officials. The news was confirmed later by The Washington Post and The New York Times.

It is unclear whether Jackson will stay at the staff at the White House Medical Unit or if he will leave the administration.

  Dr. Ronny Jackson does not return to his old role as a personal doctor to the president, reported several media stores Sund

Dr. Sean Conley, a veteran from the navy who took over as Trump's personal doctor who Jackson had over the VA nomination will continue in the role.

Jackson has been a white doctor since 2006. He has denied the charges first published by Later Jon Tester's Office (D-Mont.), Calling them "completely fake and manufactured."

"If they had any merit, I would not have chosen, promoted and entrusted to serve as sensitive and an important role as doctors to three presidents over the last 1

2 years," Jackson said in a statement last week.

But The nomination had already drawn skepticism from some legislators who worried that Jackson's lack of experience would interfere with the government's second largest federal agency.

The test office has not yet released any actions supporting the allegations against the doctor. On Friday, the secretary said it had not shown some evidence relating to a specific charge that agents had intervened when Jackson allegedly tried to bother since President Barack Obama during an outing in 2015.

Trump pounced on the news during a rally on Saturday he warns Tests because he knew "things" if the senator as he "could say too … and if I told them, he would never be elected again." In a post On Twitter, Trump also called on Tests to resign :

Jackson is still on a campaign to become a 2-star admiral. Senators will consider the allegations before they are assigned it, The Times reported.

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