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Ron Goldman's sister at O.J. Simpsons Twitter debut: Maybe podcast release "drove him over the edge"

On the 25th anniversary of the infamous white Bronco hunt, Ron Goldman's sister revealed on Monday that she "100 percent" blames the jury for failing to judge O.J. Simpson for the brothers murder and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Kim Goldman appeared on "Fox & Friends" to reflect on looking at a suicidal O.J. Simpson was running in the Los Angeles interstate by his best friend and former teammate Al Cowlings in June 1994. It was her family's hope that the event would end peacefully so that the football legend could go to trial and they could "find out what the truth was" about her Brother's death. "

On his podcast," Confronting: OJ Simpson, "Goldman discusses the trial with several former lawyers she blames for the outcome of the trial.

" They were decision makers, "she said." And if you listen to the podcast, two of the jury members say that we will never get conviction. They believe in the conspiracy. "


Goldman reflected on the day she found out her brother had been murdered while attending college in San Francisco, making sure the story evolved on the news before her father was informed of Ron's death by the local "I did not realize that I had looked at the news earlier today and watched my brother roll out of the crime scene," she said.

Simpson lifted his eyebrows over the weekend when he created a Twitter account two days after the 25th anniversary of the murders.

OJ SIMPSON Says that he will use social media to "put the record right"

he announced his presence on the platform by sending a grinning video discussing the fact that many have been able to say what they wanted He for years, but he has now "got a little to get even to do." In a few days he has collected more than 600,000 followers.

Kim Goldman told the "Fox & Friends" hosts that she wonders if the announcement of her podcast triggered OJ, just like the release of the book "If I Did It" did in 2007. She recalled that the day the book was originally was published, Simpson committed armed robbery in Las Vegas, for which he spent nine years in prison.


"I find it shameful that on the observation of Ron and Nicole died the day he chooses to go online and say he will be smooth," she said.

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