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What salary does Mihai Morar have for the show on Antena Stars and the morning show on Radio ZU

In full name, Mihai Ionuț Morar, was born on October 14, 1981 in Baia Mare, Romania. He is a Romanian TV and radio presenter, editor and DJ.

Mihai Morar salary: Antena Stars and Radio ZU

The show Răi da buni on Antena Stars is presented by Mihai Morar, but also the morning show on Radio ZU, presented by Daniel Buzdugan.

In addition to these TV revenues, the presenter also owns a well-known café in the capital, and his income allows him to buy a car every month.

One of the most famous people in showbiz

The TV presenter wins a colossal sum. Eva.ro, the vehicle 201

8, that for the morning show at Radio ZU and for the show at Antena Stars, Morar would collect 6000 euros.

He is one of the most famous people in Romanian showbiz and one of the highest paid presenters in Romania.

family business

Although the amount earned may allow him to buy a car every month, Mihai opened a business with his wife.

The best coffee, but also the best teas are prepared by his wife, Gabriela Morar. The two are in love with the smell of coffee, so they opened one of the hottest cafes in Bucharest. Gabriela is there every day and is a great host for the hundreds of people who cross their threshold every day.

Mihai Morar and his wife

Mihai and Gabriela worked together on Radio 21, each had their own relationship, but were very good friends. The two were left alone during the same period, so they began to have a relationship. At the time, Mihai Morar declared that he would not marry until he was 35 years old. After only two months of relationship with the beautiful Gabriela, he proposed to her.

They said yes to marital status after only six months of relationship. After two, they became the parents of the twins Mara and Caesar. The third child was born a few months later and was represented by little Roua.

Mihai Morar with his family.
What salary does Mihai Morar have for the Antena Stars show and the morning show on Radio ZU

“It was my birthday, I went to the mountains with my friends. We returned to Bucharest on Sunday night, I was going to go to the radio. I did not have a permit at that time. She came, dropped me off in front of the block and I went to the studio. She said she was going to go home to her parents. I went up to the studio and felt very alone. “And yet we spent a weekend together and she went home. But why?” I called her then and spoke to her in a harsher tone, as if she were guilty. I said, “It’s good that you came with me to the mountains and stayed all weekend and now you’re home. Why? Wasn’t it normal to stay?” And she took some things from home that night and came to sleep with me and us have moved in together since then. And that was right now, “Morar recalled.

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