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Vulpiţa and Viorel took their lives after Acces Direct gave them up. It’s a bomb!

After the break in the collaboration with the show that transformed them from two anonymous people who arrived from Blăgeşti to national stars, they were left with handsome sums.

According to cancan.ro sources. Veronica and Viorel received 2,000 euros a month to work with Antena 1. In addition, they had their house and meals provided.

In addition, the two also had a driver and a car at their disposal, so that all expenses that intact trust has made with them are really higher than 12,000 euros.

Stegarus worked for Access for about 6 months, but it seems that the disagreements with the presenter Mirela Vaida would have been fatal.

In addition, the two no longer understood each other and the conflicts between them had intensified, so the makers of the show Antena 3 decided it was time for the grand finale.

In addition to the information from Direct Access, it is possible that the termination of the collaboration will also have another explanation for the audience.

If we consider that for six months they were in the foreground every day, it is possible that the audience on the show Direct Access was tired of the two characters.

When we returned to the conflict with Mirela Vaida, it seems that the presenter had the last word on the end of the collaboration with Veronica Stegaru.


7;s possible without the fox. He’s calling everyone in the newsroom last night. She reminds us all that she was raped, beaten. She does what she does and has this power of manipulation.

When she cries, she really cries. It’s her, she does not know what she wants, “said Mirela Vaida in Wednesday’s edition of the show Direct Access.

“It ends 6 months from which you unfortunately did not choose anything for you, Veronica. Do what you want, everything is dust.

You stay there (no – in Blăgeşti, the municipality of Vaslui County where Veronica Stegaru, alias Vulpiţa returned), you see who you want with your life “, added Vaida.

Sources close to the show Direct Direct said that Veronica and Viorel Stegaru came to a point where they could no longer see their noses.

Vulpiţa and Viorel forgot that they had come from Blăgeşti to Bucharest, they thought they were loved by the public and they had the impression that they were big stars.

From the moment they felt the taste of celebrities, neither Vulpița nor Viorel were the same. Both began to have growing demands.

The direct access team did not tolerate the attitude changed. In addition, the producers were disturbed by the relationship between Vulpiţa and Emily Burghelea.

It seems that Veronica kept in touch and often communicated with the former TV assistant who detonated the bomb when she said that Direct Access is known for beating his wife Viorel.

“You are employed here, not just a guest. Here you do what you hear”, Mirea Vaida would have denied the one who was in the end just a cardboard star …

source: cancan.ro

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