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Volkswagen SF car that will revolutionize the car industry

Volkswagen is the world's largest car manufacturer and does not give up when it comes to switching to electricity. After the serial production starts at ID3, the Germans raise with a new SF model. That can go very quickly from concept stage to series model.

Volkswagen ID3 is the first 100% electric model included in the series production. It is produced at the Zwickau plant on the MEB platform, one in which the Germans have invested tremendously and with which they want to bring the most powerful electric models to the market.

But Volkswagen did not stop here, lifting with a new concept of electric model, independent of the SF films. It is called the Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion and is the seventh model presented as an ID series concept, which includes an electric minibus, premium sedan, crossover and SUV.

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The Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion concept will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show this month, sure, it's just one concept, but the Germans can quickly move from this stage to the series model.

Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion is presented as "the model of the future." And that may be what it looks like. It is a model that looks like SF movies, but comes with the package and latest generation system. It would not be excluded. production of this car starts from 2021, as some sources claim, coming in various versions in North America, Europe and China.

The Germans believe that the concept model perfectly combines the features of a Gran Turismo with a extremely spacious SUV. And you can't help but be a tt notice similarities with the Volvo models, especially the V60.

The supply can be one of the largest on the market: about 300 km, which means over 480 km. Volkswagen has ambitious plans and can come out.

The interior is fully digitized with leather and wood elements. And the Germans show that they are aware of the new trends in the environment. AppleSkin artificial skin, for example, is made from remnants from an apple juice factory. The concept has five seats and a generous display in the center of the console. It's like Tesla Model 3.

Volkswagen representatives claim that the new concept is more a study for the future than a dream. The builder can appeal to modesty.

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