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View Live Stream on Pro TV program Thursday 21 February

A new section of the reality reality show will be broadcast by Pro TV on Thursday 21 February at 21:30. The performance presented by Mihaela Radulescu and Cristian Bozgan is becoming more and more interesting, after some participants have become vacant and others became jealous

The edition of Wednesday of the farm view was followed on average by 1,252,000 people, Pro TV is a card distance behind Antena 1 rival, which has an audience of 1,283,000 viewers. "The farm returned to the first place in the urban area, with an average of 581

,000 followers, and the fruit had 581,000. In the cities, politics was more important than fashion. Antena 3 climbed over Channel D, which, after our story has released Bravo, you have a style ", according to paginademedia.ro

Live Stream on the Pro TV show Farm, Thursday, February 21

" The show is presented by Mihaela Rădulescu won first place in the commercial segment, with an average of 352,000 viewers The second place went to Stop Fruit, who won 265,000 followers. The third place went to Digi Sport 1, which sent the Champions League match Atletico Madrid – Juventus, " writes pagini media


The other The duel talks to Mihaela about the tactics he wants to apply. What strategy is established> http://bit.ly/2XaQ1Lb "If my cock comes out duel, I will sweep the arena with her!" On Thursday, the peasants will be subject to new fire tests, where they must show their skill, physical strength and ability to make decisions under pressure. Interestingly, there are also interactions between competitors who either entered the conflict many times or were in love

  Conflicts and ideals on the farm
Conflicts and idleness on the farm

Conflict between competitors on the farm

] Concerning the conflicts Brigitte Sfint and Claudia Pavel are now at the forefront. " Bad for you, Brigitte, you have to go to madhouse. I haven't seen a woman like you in my life, myth. I'm sorry for you, girl. Woe to your head. Perverse Golanza, jailhouse "Do not dare to talk to me. Every religion teaches us the same thing, to be good and merciful and forgiving. It just drives people and is bad and incomprehensible and ruthless and selfish, but with a mental illness I really don't think it's her wrong. " Claudia said Brigitte accused her of having a relationship with her ex-husband

An idyll on the farm

It seems as if on the farm there is an idyll between Otniela and Vali Barbulescu. The two were surprised when they left the farm almost every night. " And Vali where is it? And did he go out? What does she do in the bathroom? Every night I do it. Who shall we comment … She complains about being stuck in such and she has nothing but she stands out. She says there is nothing in front of us, but I really don't know what to believe, "Ioana Filimon said.

If you are curious about what your competitors are doing in the yard show, do not miss the Thursday edition on February 21st. The enforcement program is broadcast by the TV station Pro TV at 21:30

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