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VIDEO Alex Velea and Antonia, tears apart! The singer went to Asia Express

Departing for the adventure "Asia Express", Season 3, makes us "victims"! After Răzvan Fodor revealed that he had hardly separated from his wife, Irina, and from their little girl together, it seems that the "farewell" moment for the couple Antonia-Velea was not at all easy.

Alex Velea was accompanied to the airport by the whole family, Antonia and her two boys were together absent from the "place". The singer collaborated on "Asia Express" with his "adopted" son, Mario Fresh, and if the two were brave when they dared to take part in the show, it was when the time came for them to say "goodbye" from loved ones, they became frightened, and in the end they also left with tears.

Antonia and Alex Velea, Tear Difference

The most touching moment, however, was the division between Alex Velea and Antonia, the singer never let the tears in the end. She will no longer be able to get in touch with her boys' father, given that the "Asia Express" rules are strict and technology is forbidden. Velea's little ones, Akim and Dominic, also try to get used to the idea, and their mother films them while they watch some sequences from the show's final season, to get an idea of ​​what to expect soon and their dad.

Mario Fresh, run by Alexia Eram at the airport

Mario Fresh had to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Alexia Eram, daughter of Andrei Esca, the two must stay away from each other, after Alexia decided to study in England, somehow put helmets in their relationship. But when they are used to distance, young lovers have a living hope in their soul that everything will end well.

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