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Tricks to lose weight with green tea

Green tea, whether cold or hot, is consumed with delight by many, regardless of the weather. You may know that it helps you lose extra pounds, but it also matters a lot what type of tea you choose, how you prepare it and how much you drink each day.

In summer, to cool off, it is recommended to drink it hot and with a little lemon, but you can drink it as you like. But if you want to lose weight, do not add sugar to it.

It is prepared in a different way than other teas

Experts explain that boiled water interrupts the effect of catechins (antioxidant compounds) in green tea, states healthwomen.org. Here’s how to avoid losing your green tea properties:


1; after boiling the water, let it cool for 10 minutes,

– then pour the liquid over green tea leaves,

leave to infuse, covered, about 1 minute.

After that you can cool off and consume tea.

Did you know that…

… one cup of Matcha tea has the number of antioxidants equal to 10 cups of green tea, they say from matchasource.com?

How much can you lose by drinking this infusion

Researchers have shown that this tea helps to lose weight, thanks to caffeine and flavonoids, which later have an antioxidant role and accelerate metabolism.

Basically, green tea increases the oxidation of bad fats, and insulin activity will improve. After a study, it was found that those who drank green tea for 3 months lost about 1.3 kg without switching to a strict diet, but ate what they wanted.

It’s not much, but it’s very important to lose weight gradually, not suddenly. Probably if he had sought the advice of a nutritionist to switch to a proper diet, he would have lost more weight.

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