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This way you get rid of the painful pimples on the scalp!

Did it ever happen to you when you washed your head or when you combed your hair to reach a painful place in the scalp area, and when you placed your finger there you probably discovered a swollen and painful basket? Find out why pimples appear and how you can fight them!

The most important factors in the appearance of pimples are: folliculitis, epidermal cysts and psoriasis.


Well, these ugly white or red formations that also have pus can occur for various reasons, one of which is folliculitis. This condition of the scalp occurs when the hair follicles are affected by pus and sebum. Dermatologists say that if these pimples have not become inflamed, then their color is white, and when they are swollen, they turn red and can cause inflammation in the area around them. For this reason, it will create a breeding ground for the development and spread of bacteria, which will cause clogging of the follicles and the appearance of pus.

Epidermal cysts

They are similar to those found in folliculitis, but in this situation the pimples are more painful and spread over a larger area of ​​the scalp. And here some inflamed and red bumps will appear, also called pimples.


It is very rare that this problem in the scalp causes pimples that are very painful. The known condition of the scalp occurs when the cells in the epidermis begin to multiply very strongly. In this way, several skin layers will be formed which cause skin inflammation.

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