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Thiem defeated Federer at the Champions Tournament! 3 wins out of 3 in 2019

Dominic Thiem made his perfect debut at the 2019 edition of the Champions Tournament, defeating Swiss Roger Federer 7-5 with an hour and 40 minutes of balanced play. The 26-year-old Austrian has never avoided the party's fate and won the third victory in as many direct matches in 2019 against the Swiss.

Thiem's ​​collaboration with Nicolas Massu seems to have provided the perfect antidote to the matches. with Federer. Although the playing surface and conditions are quite favorable for Swiss in the O2 arena, Thiem developed cynically and managed to sanction the losses in the King of Champions Tournament game (Federer is the most named tennis player, with six wins). The sets were decided similarly, Thiem got the decisive break 5-5 in both heats. Thus, following the victories in the crucial set in Miami and Madrid (with match balls saved by the Austrian in Spain), Dominic achieved a clearer success, with at least seven sets.

On his fourth participation in the Champions Tournament, Thiem managed to win his debut match for the first time.

On the other hand, Federer loses just the fifth time the first team match on the Super 8, out of 1

7 games. 2007 is the only year when the Swiss, defeated in the first match of Fernando Gonzalez (Chile), managed to win the trophy. In 2008, Federer was first defeated by Gilles Simon and then removed from the group stage by a side fight with Andy Murray. In 2013 and 2018, defeated in the first match by Djokovic and Nishikori respectively, Federer advances to the semi-finals.

Thiem defeated Federer. How the Austrian built his 2-0 victory in the Bjorn Borg Group debut

12 winners was not enough for Federer to win in the first set. The Swiss celebrated the two modest games of the competition from the start of the match – a mistake he corrected, equal to 2, then 5-5. More economically, with a winner / unexpected error ratio of 4 to 7, Thiem released safety in a first set where margins were minimal.

The effect of Thiemens lap in direct duel with Federers was one of the key games. Also important was the conversion rate for break ball: 3 of 5 for Thiem, 1 of 4 – Federer.

The second set led to more heated disputes on his return, and Federer succeeded on two occasions over the Austrian launch. But Thiem managed just the right moment, played just as effectively with the right at the bottom of the field and around the net, and in the crucial moments made the best decisions, failed to give in the longest games of the party at launch. At 5-5, Thiem forced and with three clean winners he made the difference.

Although Federer received two rebounds, Thiem's ​​calm finish line crossed. In the second set, the Austrian managed to balance the final balance of the winning shots (21-24, against 4-12 in the first set). Federer and Thiem finished the match with 22 unforced errors. Dominic's line was more accurate than Federer's (13 winners / 6 forced errors, compared to 11/13).

11 points earned by Thiem on Federer's second serve, out of 21 played.

5 additional points earned by Thiem against Federer (77 to 72).

The defeat against Thiem forces Federer to a victory on Tuesday, ahead of Matteo Berrettini, but also against Novak Djokovic – Thursday.

  • With 57 wins, Federer holds the record for most ATP FInals wins. .
  • Although he has the most titles in the ATP finals, Federer has not won since 2011 in Super 8.
  • Federer has lost 6 of the 11 matches played in 2019 against the players who were present in London.
  • Roger Federer won the only direct match so far with Matteo Berrettini.
  • Dominic Thiem has never so far passed the group stage at the Champions Tournament on three occasions.
  • Novak Djokovic, leader of the Björn Borg Group after the first day, played final in the last six appearances at the Champions Tournament (2012-2018). But Serbia was not present at the ATP finals 2017.

Criteria in the group championships 2019:

  1. Number of wins.
  2. Number of matches matched. The balance "two wins and one defeat" "strikes" a perfect balance of a player who has only played two matches. Even 1-2 is better than 1-0 or 1-1.
  3. The direct match, in case of equality between two players.
  4. At the battle between three athletes, the player with fewer disputed matches is automatically eliminated and the division between the other two continues. In the case of equality with the number of matches played, the following is taken into account: the proportion of won sets, then the proportion of matches won and finally the positions in the world ranking. When one of the criteria stated in a three-way tie separates the player from the advantage, the next two athletes are split based on the equality criteria between two athletes.

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