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The three fantastic conditions for getting rid of the stomach

Summer is coming soon and with it the beach holiday and the pool excursions, where you will show yourself in all the splendor of the swimsuit. If you feel embarrassed by the “rollers” around the waist, you need to take action in time. Review your diet, do sports and sleep 8 hours a night. You must have ambition and patience, because the results are not seen today.


That is the most important thing, says Iulian Dinu, personal trainer and nutritionist. “It accounts for 70% of all this. You can do as many abdominal muscles as you want, because if you do not have the right eating style, you will not give up,” warns the specialist.

Specifically, you need to give up sugar, bakery products and processed foods, as they settle quickly in the waist area. Also avoid acidic juices that contain sugar and bloating. You should have 3 main meals and two snacks a day, taken at a distance of 3 hours. Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, which have a mild laxative effect.

“However, the fruit should be eaten only during the first part of the day to give the body time to metabolize fructose at the end of the day. Obviously, all sweets are excluded after 1

2 noon. If you feel like it, calm it down with a chromium and / or “Magnesium pills. Be careful with the combination of foods at the same table. Incorrect compounds are inflated,” says Iulian.

The rest

It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a night. If you are not rested you will be irritated, you have no energy for sports and you will eat chaotically. In addition, sleep really helps you maintain your figure. Leptin, the hormone that keeps your appetite under control, is secreted during the night.


It helps burn calories and digest the fat layer, tone muscles, prevent cellulite and speed up metabolism. You have to train every day. Climb up the stairs at the expense of the elevator, walk faster, 15 minutes drive in the park, even a cleaning is enough. 2-3 times a week, go to the gym, swim, do some cardio. “I do not have time” or “I do not have money for the gym” are no excuses, because some very effective exercises can be done without problems at home, on the mattress. Iulian Dinu gives us some suggestions and advises us not to forget to do a little warm up in advance to prevent accidents and muscle strain.

Exercise 1

From the “sit on your palms” position, alternately bring one knee to the chest. The back should be straight. Exercise works your abdominal muscles. Do three sets of 20 repetitions each.

Exercise 2

Lying on her back, with her arms at her neck, she alternately lifts one knee to the opposite arm, her elbow touching the knee. Do not pull on the neck, turn the upper body and exhale in motion. Exercise works in the abdominal muscles. Do three sets of 30 alternate repetitions.

Exercise 3

Keep your hands under the bottom, both feet raised above the ground. Do three sets of 15 repetitions. This is how you work in the genitals. If you have back pain, go down to 45 degrees.

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