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The surprise options on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will simplify your life

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is officially presented on August 7th. We do not yet know what is new, so rumors are the best source. At the moment, it is a surprise option that Samsung has either withdrawn from other phones or never offered it.

Until the Galaxy S10, Samsung has provided a LED that you can set depending on the notifications. With the new screen type on the Galaxy S10, the option has disappeared. It would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, according to unofficial information.

It will be interesting to see where the manufacturer will integrate such a sensor, since Note 10 will be in the middle of the screen without any link to the edge. However, the company would have a patent for introducing a self-punching hole camera and a message LED and other options

Samsung Galaxy Note 1
0 could record sound better than any phone

Another surprise option would be Zoom Audio. It is a functionality that LG has experienced before. Suppose a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could only record sound from a source and ignore everyone else. The option should be used for voice commands when the Bixby button disappears.

All for control, S Pen supports gesture navigation. At the same time, but without being too useful, it can generate sounds by context. For example, if you write something on a picture, it would sound like a kiosk on paper. It is very unlikely that the Samsung Galaxy Note will be the case.

What Samsung Samsung Phones Will Have Specifications

Unlike the models released so far, the manufacturer will have two versions. Galaxy Note 10e and Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The bad news is that the smaller version would only have the Full HD + AMOLED screen, like the Galaxy S10e. It's not a big loss, especially for common tasks, but that's when you report on what the Note series is: the best hardware in the biggest phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10e would have a 6.3-screen inch, and the battery would be 3,500 mAh. Low battery capacity can be a reason for choosing this type of screen. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with a 6.7-inch QuadHD + AMOLED display would have a 4,300 mAh battery.

Just as good news is that fast charging on the cable would be done with a 45 watt. However, the smaller version would remain at 25 watts. Otherwise, you can expect at least 8 GB of RAM (and a 12 GB version), at least 256 GB of storage and the best processors

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