July 14 marked the 10th anniversary of the late Madalina Manole. On this occasion, her father and brother went to the singer’s grave to light a candle and lay flowers on it.

Ion Manole is very angry with his son-in-law, Petru Mircea, because he threw the flowers. The two were about to cross each other in the Bolovani cemetery in Ploieşti.

“On the 14th I went to the grave again, with a fan of Madalina, around 18.00. The guards looked at us strangely. We were told that a nice, well-dressed woman took a pot from the grave and then they stopped her. She told them that Madalina’s husband made her take the flowers. Then the story somehow repeated itself. The guards also told me that Petru Mircea had just left. He was going to meet him … The man I was with also has deceased relatives, buried elsewhere, and he was there first.

If I went straight to Madalina, I would catch Mircea … He was with Judas. See what he did! He took the flowers we brought on Saturday from the vase and threw them away to put his own there. He used to put them next to him. The vases also come with us. Why did he not come with another vase to put his flowers on? He also threw away the two pots of beautiful flowers, with dozens of buds, and took them to bed. If I catch him, I̵

7;ll kill him! And the one I was with would tear him to pieces if he caught him there, for what he did! I have been patient with him so far as a child. For my daughter’s children, I treated him nicely! Who knows what he says to the child! “Ion Manole acknowledged, exclusively for Click !,.