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The Samsung Galaxy S11 will reveal a screen called "SAMOLED", probably with a 90Hz refresh rate

There is a lot of talk about Samsung Galaxy S11 recently and after finding out the battery growth of the phones in this series and the diagonals that could be reached, we also discover something about the CES screen today. We are informed that Samsung has just received the brand in South Korea for a new brand SAMOLED .

  Samsung SAMOLED

This is a new name associated with the screens produced by the Samsung Display and this should not be confused with Super AMOLED. We do not have exact details of what news we receive in the current case, but given the current trends and rumors that are being made online, we expect a better picture and color quality, but also a higher refresh rate (probably 90Hz).

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There is also speculation from rumors like Universe Ice that says that if Samsung goes to a higher refresh rate for their phone's screens there would be more chance that these panels are 120Hz rather than 90Hz. It remains to be seen what this news will bring from the SAMOLED screens, but one thing is certain, we will have Infinity-O models with selfie cutouts.

If the current generation Galaxy S10, the series phones use Dynamic AMOLED panels, these are OLEDs with HDR10 + support.

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