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The revolution 30 years ago also did not end with Sunday's vote

After Sunday's vote, since the first round of the presidential election, the PSD will remain in its current form, which has nothing to do with social democracy, and the outcome of next year's election will depend on what the PNL will do in the government. Predictions, on the other hand, may not be as desirable anymore, believes the newspaper Cristian Tudor Popescu.

"This party (PSD ̵

1; no) is currently a degenerate follower of PCR, harmed by nationalist xenophobic legionaries. It is. Which Social Democracy? It has nothing to do with it anymore! If they came – PSD Sibiu – with the reason Do you not recognize Iohannis, Orban and the Barna because they do not have Romanian names Do you realize at what level I have reached? Social democracy is always internationalist, not nationalist, by definition this is not something to think about. Or, here came a legionary-type cationism that remained, Cristian Tudor Popescu commented on Digi24.

The revolution 30 years ago was also not completed by the Sunday vote, says CTP, who had urged him during the day for voters to come exactly to the vote to complete this revolution. "Unfortunately, the revolution did not end. It must continue. Continued in round 2 and of course people continued to vote in round 2, although Iohannis clearly has the first chance. I hope the world will vote. And after that, it must continue, for PSD will be maintained and maintained – this is sad – it will remain in its current form. There will be no change there. They will keep exactly the philosophy they have now. Philosophy! The deviations they came with, the newspaper explained.

"Klaus Iohannis has the chance, but also a great responsibility for next year, because he has no excuse: he has the government on his side. Everything that will happen will be added to him. The impact of next year's elections will depend on what PNL will do, why the government will and of course why Iohannis will do, but in Iohannis there is a little different situation. Iohannis, when he wins the second term, stays there for five years, no one is bothered by it anymore, "shows CTP.

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"Instead, the magazine continued, the result of possible expectations – possible, because it is not known now, those who hit the spurs can be expected, needy, tomorrow, maybe now think – so if expected, if the term parliamentarians depend on, is d substantially, the result of the Orban government. If the Orban government can make a difference in the eyes of the people what the PSD governments have done, to show – not to do wonders, expect no wonders, wait: good faith, openness, sincerity from the government: this we can do, this we can don't do it. Realism and good faith. If not … ", the newspaper noted and commented on Digi24 the preliminary results of the presidential election.

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