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The number of reported pneumonias decreased from the previous week

During the week of 21-27.10.2019 of epidemiologic surveillance, the total number of acute respiratory tract infections (IACRS) was 2,346, with a number of 32 hospital admissions, which marked a small growth trend compared to that recorded last week (1,759 cases with 35 patients). The number of reported pneumonias and decreases was 319 with 80 hospitalizations (compared with 374 with 89 hospitalizations the previous week).

" The analysis by age group shows that the incidence rate of the highest levels of IACRS and pneumonia is recorded in the age groups 0-1 years, 2-4 years and over 65 years. There were no cases of influenza in Neamț County territory during the earlier week of epidemiologic surveillance. ", DSP Neamț

does not transmit evidence of clinical cases consistent with the diagnosis of influenza.

DSP Neamț, urges the population to strictly apply the recommendations of disease prevention specialists and the spread of influenza virus:

  • consult the GP for symptoms suggestive of flu and may determine any indication for hospitalization.
  • voluntary isolation at home with influenza-like symptoms;
  • avoid crowds;
  • avoid contact with sick people;
  • (at least 1 meter) from sick coughing or sneezing;
  • holding the label ( ng disposable handkerchiefs light or cough / sneeze in the inner part of the elbow bandage, dispose of disposable handkerchiefs in the trash after use);
  • often washing, with warm water and soap, of the hands after pressing, coughing, blowing in the nose and before eating, to reduce the spread of the virus;
  • increase the body's general resistance by consuming foods rich in vitamin C (fruits, vegetables);
  • ventilation of the rooms (classroom, bedroom);
  • appropriate clothing season;
  • avoid standing in the cold for a long time;
  • wears appropriate protective equipment (masks, gloves, clothing) by visitors and medical personnel;
  • daily epidemiological triages in all types of communities, including for medical personnel – sanitary and helpful, with temporary removal from society of those detected with respiratory symptoms. [19659006] continued influenza vaccination

DSP Neamț warns the population that antibiotics are not used for influenza and we recommend avoiding self-medication. In case of disease symptoms it is recommended to present to the GP to diagnose and establish correct treatment. (19659020] Function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s)
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