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The last stage of the playoffs in League 1 ended with Dinamo and Viitorul. Chindia surprised Voluntari

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In addition, there is a chance that we will have next season 16 teams in league 1. In this case, Chindia, the last ranked team, would play a queen against those from CS Mioveni, and Dinamo would have escaped relegation.

Dinamo is ranked 13th with five games to go, as the other clubs in the playoffs voted not to extend the season, so the team from “Stefan cel Mare” can not play their remaining matches (two with Hermannstadt, two with Chindia and one with Sepsis) and LPF must find a binding criterion.

Minute 90 + 3: The match is over!

Minute 46: The game resumed!

Minute 45: Pause!

Minute 37: GOOOAAAL – Dinamo! The “dogs” are leveled after two minutes by Deian Sorescu. Vali Lazăr escaped to the opponent’s goal and sent in the middle to the Dinamo midfielder, who did not forgive from the perfect position.

Minute 35: GOOOAAAL – Futures! The guests score through Achim, who converts a penalty received after a hand by Kostrna.

Minute 1: Start whistling!


  • Dinamo: Straton – Kostrna, Puljic, Ehmann, Skovajsa – Lazăr, Mrzljak (banerban 66), Răuță (Grigore 78), Sorescu – Neicuțescu (Bani 46), Popa (Mihaiu 46)

reserves: Fara, Mitrovic, Popescu, Kilyen ,, Borcea

  • The future: Tordai – Căpușă, Mladen, Iacob, de Nooijer (Lazăr 45) – Artean, Dulca (Grameni 68), Achim – Chițu (Munteanu 68), Rivaldinho (Andronache 87), Pitu (Bodișteanu 87)

reserves: Căbuz, Crivac, Grosu, Buta

Under these conditions, Dinamo will no longer be able to play its five arrears. Clubs in league 1 voted for the final hierarchy in the playoffs that would be established according to the average of points in the playoffs. It was only an advisory vote and the final decision will be taken in the FRF’s executive committee, where the number of teams could be increased to 16.

Without being sure what will follow next season, Dinamo, occupier of the penultimate place, duels with The future, the leader in play-out. The people of Constanta will no longer have him on the bench Gica Hagi, the person who decided to leave his position as technical manager.

On the other hand, Gigi Mulțescu it will be the second match since he returned to Dinamo. Three days ago, the “dogs” crossed the line for FC Voluntari, score 2-1.

In terms of the hierarchy based on the average of points scored in the play-out, Dinamo is still the penultimate, but a success against Constanta and a failure of Sepsi against Clinceni would put the “dogs” on the pond.

Minute 90 + 3: The match is over!

Minute 90 + 3: GOOOAAAL – Poli Iași! Andrei Cristea gets from the penalty spot. The striker from Iași shoots on the right side, and Cristiano does not guess the corner and jumps on the opposite side.

79 minutes: GOOOAAAL – Hermannstadt! Dâlbea is rescued from Popadiuc’s mark, resumes with his head and defeats Axinte.

Minute 46: The game resumed!

Minute 45: Pause!

Minute 18: GOOOAAAL – Poli Iași! The Moldovans equalize through the goal scorer Luckassen, who gets results after a collective action by the Moldavians.

7 minutes: GOOOAAAL – Hermannstadt! Sibiu opened the scoring through Stoica, after he happily resumed a sent ball in goal.

Minute 1: Start whistling!


  • Hermannstadt: Figueiredo – Petrescu, Luchin Stoica, Cordea (Buzan 83) – Caiado (Bușu 14), Dâlbea, Rimane (Yazalde 46), Joalisson – Sîntean (Dumitriu 38), Debeljuh

reserves: Ny, Dobrosavlevici, Balan, Pinto

  • Poli Iași: Axinte – Cabral, Klimavicius, Frăsinescu, Onea (Chacana 58) – Soares (Horșia 59), de Iriondo (Cristea F. 86), Passaglia, Popadiuc – Omoh (Cristea 75), Luckassen

reserves: Fomba, Longher, Zaharia, Caparco

Hermannstadt, 8th place, is undefeated in the last six rounds, and Sibiu is saved from relegation regardless of the method to be determined by the FRF’s executive committee.

On the other hand, Poli Iași occupies the women’s position, 12, with 29 accumulated points. Mircea Rednic’s Moldovans come after successive victories, with FC Voluntari and Chindia.

In the three direct matches this season, two victories were noted by Hermannstadt and a draw.

Minute 90 + 3: The match is over!

Minute 46: The game resumed!

Minute 45: Pause!

26th minute: GOOOAAAL Sepsis! Ronaldo Deaconu receives a direct free kick and opens the scoreboard.

Minute 1: Start whistling!


  • sepsis: Niczuly – Radoslav, Bouhenna, Tincu, Ștefan – Kovacs (Celea 72), Deaconu (Vașvari 60) – Ștefănescu (Gal-Andrezly 59), I. Fulop, Carnat, Safranko (Karanovic 78)

reserves: Fejer ,, Grassano ,, L. Fulop, Dragomir, Achahbar

  • Clinceni: Ureche – Kontoes (Vanghele 89), Patriche, Bejan, Dobrescu – Achim (Ilie 82), Cebotaru (Merloi 64), Ventura, Ion – Markovic, Buziuc

reserves: Vâlceanu

The team from Covasna managed to reach the final of the Romanian Cup, losing to FCSB, points 0-1, but Leo Grozavu’s team had a rather modest run in the playoffs.

sepsis reached 11th place, just two lengths ahead of women’s, while Academica Clinceni is in position 9 with 32 points.

In the direct matches this season, the two teams shared their victories and the first duel ended in a draw.

Minute 90 + 5: End of the match!

90 + 5 minutes: Diallo is blown away for making a mistake Armaș. Chindia’s players hit their opponents hard with their elbows in a flying duel, and in the middle of the game did not stop thinking and sent him to the stands.

Minute 46: The game resumed!

Minute 45: Pause!

Minute 39: GOOOAAAL – Chindia! Blaise Yameogo increases the difference in favor of the hosts. Yameogo fired a powerful shot from 23 yards out, in the short corner, and goalkeeper Cojocaru had no reaction. Cojocaru saw the ball from the goal line. 2-0 for Chindia

33 minutes: GOOOAAAL – Chindia! Valmir Berisha has a fantastic goal. The midfielder placed the ball under the crossbar, and goalkeeper Cojocaru appeared in goal and could not do anything.

Minute 1: Start whistling!


  • Chindia: Aioani – Martac, Benga, Diallo, Dumitrașcu – Rață, Bic – Neguț (Dinu 67), Yameogo, Șerban (Ivancic 28) – Berisha (Florea 68)

reserves: Moldavian, Dinu, Atanase, Mihai, Ioniță, Ivancic, Negrea, Florea, Barbu

  • volunteers: Cojocaru – Iordache, Pașcanu, Achim, Kocic (Costin 46) – Sanoh (Eric 57), Căpățînă, av Lucas (Gorobsov 46), Mățan (Morar 46) – Gheorghe – Tudorie

reserves: Mitrev, Armaș, Costin, Borțoneanu, Benzar, Pereira, Morar, Gorobsov, Țîră

Chindia is mathematically transferred to league 2, but Emil Săndoy’s team could be saved by a proposal that is increasingly discussed, that no team in league 1 should be relocated immediately, and the latest ranked team will play the maintenance / marketing pond against him CS Mioveni, 3rd place in League 2.

The team from Dâmbovița had a very weak play-out, with eight defeats, a draw and two wins. On the other hand, FC Volunteers he slowed down in the last five rounds, losing four times, so the Ilfov team dropped to 10th place with 31 points.

This season, the Ilfov team won twice in duels with Chindia, while the team from Târgoviște won only once.

What does the play-out position look like now if average points / matches are achieved

  1. Hermannstadt 1.91
  2. The future 1.69
  3. Clinceni 1.62
  4. Volunteers 1.62
  5. Iasi 1.38
  6. Sepsis 1.17
  7. Dynamo 0.87
  8. Chindia 0.63

Play-out ranking before the 14th stage, the last of the 2019-2020 season

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