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The fox, humiliated again! Her husband was filmed naked: What a confusing body you have, Viorel

Viorel Stegaru caused laughter on his Instagram, after he, before leaving Direct Access, posted a photo of him naked by the pool.

The body of Vulpița’s husband attracted after him the funniest comments from internet users who found in the hypostasis where he appeared, a terrible reason to laugh. Wearing a pair of trousers and unevenly tanned, Viorel Stegaru made everyone laugh, but he attracted the compliments from Vulpița, who was not ashamed to leave a comment for using emoticons with hearts in front of everyone.

The image did not go viral

However, his posts did not have a big impact among internet users, which did not give him much more than 5000 likes, unlike Vulpița, whose posts even reach over 35,000 likes, a sign that her presence is much more appreciated in the online environment than her husband, who is often ridiculed or held accountable for his actions.

Their fans in the online environment, especially those on Instagram’s social platform where the two spouses are followed most intensely, did not hesitate to laugh again at Viorel Stegaru and his body and left dozens of mischievous comments.

Internet users laughed heartily

Most immediately bound to his uneven tan, followed by those who laughed at his impressive physique.

Some of the most “funny” comments about Vulpia’s husband. Below we have selected some of the funniest, which also received the most appreciation from other fans.

“Hunger breaks the neck / Dinosaurs reappeared / How confusing your physique is, Viorel / How strong you are / You also go to the gym, do a little more muscle … / You say you advertise poison to rats / With this picture did you destroy a generation “These are some of the comments that Viorel received in the current post, writes Cancan.

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