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Taxi drivers and Uber fined 45,000 lei. Company reaction

Local police Bucharest

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Traffic brigade police on Friday and Saturday arranged a measure to verify public transport in taxi location and driver leasing via electronic applications

64 violation sanctions over 45,000 lei

According to a summary sent by the road brigade on Sunday, the measure aimed to eliminate illegal activities in taxi / transport in the rental scheme, verify the possession of taxi / rental of transport documents, check the technical condition, reduce the number of traffic accidents and the introduction of the legal standards governing public transport

Therefore, more than 1

10 cars and 64 infringement fees were inspected over 45,000 lei were applied for deviations from the legal rules governing

At the same time, 4 drivers of public transport for persons during leasing were identified by the Uber application without having the corresponding copy valid and 2 taxi drivers without taxi, in these cases it has further the act of suspending the right to use the vehicle for a period of 6 months by maintaining the registration certificate and the plates with registration number, cited source. ] Road Brigade representatives also mention that such measures will continue during the following period in order to maintain a traffic safety and road safety environment in Bucharest and to counter illegal transport of persons.

Uber Reaction:

"Such situations once again show the need for a regulatory framework for new Uber-like services, as in other countries. We are alongside the drivers and we will fully support them. "



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