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Specialists concluded that only one in ten people would …

Experts have revealed that only one in ten people worldwide will be protected by COVID after developing a vaccine, according to Skynews.

It is estimated that less than two billion doses could be delivered in 2021, given that a vaccine would be approved earlier this year.

Given that seven of the vaccines in the final test phase require two doses per person, approximately 12% of the global population will be vaccinated.

“It should be clear that in the first phase, not everyone will have access to the vaccine. We do not have the production capacity,” said Dr Cleo Kontovardi, associate professor at Imperial College London.

The situation would not be resolved even if production capacity doubled over the next 1

2 months. In this scenario, only half of the world’s population, 7.8 billion people, will be vaccinated.

Serum Institute of India (SII) Executive Director Adar Poonawalla said there may not be enough vaccine doses until 2024. “It will take four to five years for everyone to get the vaccine on this planet.” .

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