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Soros sees pandemic as “revolutionary moment”

Soros sees the pandemic as a “revolutionary moment”: “The range of opportunities is much wider” is the title of an article in The Washington Times, signed by Victor Morton. The article quotes a series of statements made by George Soros to an Italian newspaper, in one of them the billionaire liberal activist who claims that he “sees the coronavirus epidemic as a” revolutionary “possibility”.

“Soros, of Hungarian descent, condemned President Trump as a ‘transitional phenomenon̵

7;, but expressed hope that the COVID crisis had turned politics in a radical direction.

I would describe it as a revolutionary moment, when the possibilities are much wider than in normal times“, he said. “What is conceivable in normal times not only becomes possible but actually happens. People are disoriented and scared.

But Mr Soros, who was interviewed on the occasion of his 90th birthday, warned that Trump “remains very dangerous”, despite the fact that he temporarily saw him because of his efforts to stay in power and avoid prosecution. .

He is fighting for his life and will do everything to stay in power, Soros said, calling the president a “confidence ploy”.“, which can “undermine democracy within ”.

Soros, who bankrolls many liberal and leftist causes through the Open Society Foundation and other sources of funding, praised the United States for “a long tradition of controls and balances and established rules. And above all, you have the constitution.

“So I’m sure Trump will prove to be a transient phenomenon, which he hopes will end in November.i.e. “, he concluded.

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