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Situation of respiratory tract infections and influenza vaccine in Neamt

During the week of October 28 – November 3, 2019, epidemiological surveillance was the total number of acute respiratory tract infections (IACRS) in 1727, with a number of 31 hospital admissions, marking a slight downward trend from that recorded during the previous week. (2346 cases with 32 admitted patients). – informs DSP Neamț.

The number of reported pneumonias, decreases, was 275 with a number of 64 admissions (compared to 319 with 80 admissions the previous week).

The analysis by age group shows that prices the highest incidents of IACRS and pneumonia are recorded in the age groups 0-1

years, 2-4 years and over 65.

There was no case of influenza in the territory of Neamț county last week for epidemiological surveillance.

The Ministry of Health distributed the third part of vaccine influenza.

14,240 doses vaccine were received. distributed to family physicians (for patients enrolled in risk groups) from the county.

During the current epidemic season until 3.11.2019 14,240 influenza skin vaccine in danger with vaccine distributed free of charge by the Ministry of Health.

No evidence was collected for clinical cases compatible with influenza .

DSP Neamt recommends that the population follow non-specific measures to prevent influenza consisting of:

  • avoidance of urban housing;
  • avoiding contact with sick persons;
  • keep distances (at least 1 meter) to sick or sneezing persons;
  • use of towels for coughing or sneezing and throwing them in the garbage after use;
  • often wash with warm water and soap, by hands after sneezing, coughing, we blew our nose before eating;
  • increased the general resistance of the body through the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C (fruits, vegetables);
  • ventilation of room (s), bedroom);
  • seasonal clothing;
  • avoid standing under cold for long periods;
  • daily epidemiological triages in all types of communities, including for medical and emergency personnel, with temporary removal from the community of those diagnosed with respiratory symptoms;
  • continued vaccine anti-influenza.

We warn the population that antibiotics are not used for influenza and we recommend avoiding self-medication.

For symptoms of illness, it is recommended to present to the GP to diagnose and establish correct treatment.

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