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Russia has decided to feed Madury's army

A senior representative of the Russian Defense Ministry informed the TASS news agency that the Venezuelan armed forces will receive over 16,000 Russian competitions.
Rosoborone Export, the Russian Defense Ministry's Export Agency, has released a series of information on the purchase of special breeds to be sent to Venezuela. The original contract price is 14.38 million rubles (about $ 223,000).
"The delivery will be made to the Venezuelan army," said a source who wanted to remain anonymous.
The requirements of Rosoborone export at the procurement site mean that the consignment will be performed as "humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan Bolivarian government". Field rations will be sent to a customer in Puerto Cabello.
Russia could soon expand its military presence in Venezuela, the Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Gil said in April after a visit he made to Moscow.
In addition to the 1

00 Russian soldiers in Caracas at the end of March, "new missions are likely to come," Gil said.
The Venezuelan diplomat declared that a certain period of residence for the country's quota had not been established. "The military specialist is here as a result of our agreements on military and technical cooperation agreements and agreements, as we have already mentioned, and they will remain so long as necessary," Gil explained.
The Deputy Minister noted that relations between Venezuela and Russia are "extremely intense" at present. In the coming months, the authorities of Caracas will send to Moscow's delegates under the leadership of the Ministries of Petroleum, Defense and Finance, with expectations of "high-level visits" from Russia.


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