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Romanian startup Tailent expands internationally after investing half a million euros in the Neogen Capital fund

Romanian start Tailor (ex-Mission Critical) begins international expansion with the launch of technology Tailent Automation Platform Studio, for the development of robots and Tailent Automation Platform Control Center, for their handling in production environments, for customers and partners around the world. The announcement, which is made through a press release, comes just a few months later attract an investment of half a million euros from the bottom Neogen Capital.

Tailor-made automation platform (TAP), the new technology developed by the company, “offers flexibility, performance and scalability in the development and use of software fixes. The TAP Studio solution allows both simple automations based on preconstructed actions, which do not involve or involve a low level of programming, and complex automations through the powerful advanced programming module. Examples would be automation of repetitive or redundant processes, integration of systems that were not intended to communicate with each other, important business solutions that are no longer supported by manufacturers or systems where the development and integration of new functions is costly. ”

Tailor-made customers are companies in industries such as hospitality, professional services, manufacturing, but also local public institutions, which need support when it comes to business automation. Tailent focuses on recruiting new partners and aims to open up new markets in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

“We rely on technological innovation to deliver specialized robots that can support all automation scenarios. Together with our capabilities to embed robots as web services, the Tailent Automation Platform is a unique and extremely attractive value proposition. New features follow with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which will increase the robots̵

7; capacity to respond to the ever-changing business challenges, “said Cristian Oftez, CTO Tailent.

“The Tailent Automation Platform technology available today is the first step towards an innovative ecosystem that offers partners new business opportunities by creating specialized robots, ready to go, and accelerating the digital enterprise transformation process,” added Mario Popescu. VD Tailent.

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