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Rapidists get a harsh response after denying that CSA Steaua was declared champion

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CSA other coaches, Iulian Miu, replied to the Rapid President, Ovidiu Burca.

“I think Ovidiu knows the rules very well. If he does not know them, let him read them again. Let him also read the one that says the play-offs are played between the first four teams, as well as the protocol for resuming amateur football competitions,” which was voted in the FRF’s emergency committee on 14 July.

Burca wants to look interesting and I do not understand why. The rules can not be changed during the competition. And the playoffs cannot be played between two teams. AMFB gave us no benefits.

The hard exchanges that took place between us and them are known because they did not want to give up the playoffs, as other county associations did. Now, with the time crisis and the coronavirus, it was the normal decision. We are in 1st place, 7 points away. Ovidiu Burcă would love to take care of his team and leave us alone! “, Iulian Miu told GSP.ro.

CSA Steaua will contest the dam to be relegated to League 3. Quick appeal

CSA Steaua plays the promotion round in the 3rd league 1, 5 and 9 August with the champions from Ialomiţa and Giurgiu. The AMFB confirmed that Steaua will go straight to the pond, although the regulations provided for a play-off between the top four ranked in the fourth league in Bucharest, which was also confirmed by the AMFB’s emergency committee on June 1.

Marian Lumânare gave up the playoffs due to the short time to the pond.

From Ialomița, Steaua could duel with Bărăganul Ciulnița or Victoria Tăndărei. From Giurgiu will be appointed to the victory of the Copaceni Assembly or Argeșul Mihăilești.

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