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Raiffeisen Bank he has surprising news for his customers from all over Romania, and that is because many of them did not know about something very important that they benefited from because they now use the bank’s services in Romania. More specifically, Raiffeisen Bank informs its customers in Romania that they are offering them something that no other bank has for internet banking services, but something that can be extremely useful for many Romanians at any given time.

Raiffeisen Bank tells customers in Romania that their PIN cards are useful not only for confirming payments in stores but also for logging on to internet banking services when they want to manage their funds. Raiffeisen Bank says that PIN codes for customer cards enable access to both Internet banks and mobile banking services, so theoretically no other PIN code is needed to do this. .

Raiffeisen Bank: Surprise news, which many customers did not know about

Raiffeisen Bank has a very useful service here for its customers from all over Romania, and that’s because people only need to remember a single four – digit code to accept payments, but also to log in to manage their own services. The idea behind this system is quite good, if people get their own username to log in to Internet banking services, otherwise the card will have quick access to accounts.

Raiffeisen Bank says that this benefit is only offered to customers who have credit and debit cards, with chip, so we are not talking about the rest of the cards that the bank offers for customers from all over Romania. Normally, information about the use of this system should be provided by Raiffeisen Bank’s employees to customers when they collect one of their cards, but not everyone knows about the system.

Raiffeisen Bank has this system available for a while for its customers from all over Romania, so if you still do not have details about it, you can find them on the bank’s website right now.

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