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Quarantine at the Regional Institute of Oncology in Iasi, …

The 11 patients confirmed with the AH1N1 virus are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Regional Institute of Oncology, and five of them are in serious condition.

Doctors say the patients were probably infected by a visitor.

Under these circumstances, the management of the medical unit imposed a quarantine permit on the hospital.

“Visitors were denied access, patients were isolated so as not to spread the disease. Disinfection measures were taken at the hospital and it was decided to vaccinate medical staff,” Marius Voicescu, a spokesman for DSP Iasi, told News.ro.

A man from Hunedoara died of the flu

In addition, only urgent operations are performed on the IRO.

The first patient to be admitted to the Regional Institute of Oncology in Iasi was diagnosed with the flu on January 21 and soon two more cases appeared.

The leadership of the IRO Iaşi specified that after the confirmation of the first cases, the epidemiological triage began and that the Iaşi Directorate of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health were informed.

All 11 patients diagnosed with influenza receive treatment with Tamiflu, while DSP sent several dozen doses of vaccine to IRO staff who were not vaccinated against influenza.

“We restricted visitors ‘access, we said at all the institute’s doors’ Attention, flu! “and we bought quick tests that can confirm the presence of the virus in 20-30 minutes,” said Mirela Grosu, IRO Iasi chief.

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