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New pictures from COLLECTIVE CLUB: “The pictures are …

More than a month has passed since the biggest tragedy in Romania in recent years. More than 30 days ago parents, brothers, sisters, wives, friends mourned their angels: 60, for many who froze the suffering on many faces. Now new pictures of the club have appeared before the fire broke out.

More than 200 people went on October 30 collective Club to attend the Goodbye To Gravity concert. At 22.32 a fire broke out on the site and hell broke out.

New photos from the concert have been released now, more than a month after the tragedy.

The extremely disturbing images capture the young people’s joy in front of the stage, but also the moment when the club’s roof was engulfed in flames.

In this photo, the moment is captured when the flames on the pillar covered with sound-insulating sponge extend to the roof, which was also covered, with the same sound-insulated sponge, beyond the false wooden roof.

“This article is for my colleague Claudiu, for those from the band Goodbye to Gravity, for those who are no longer with us, but also for those who managed to escape. The pictures are unedited, unsorted and uploaded as they were made.”, write them from mahmur.info.

After the fire on October 30, in the Collective Club, 26 people died on the spot and another victim on the way to the hospital. Among those injured in hospital, 33 people died, the number of victims who reached 22 on November 22.

Dozens of people, mostly relatives and acquaintances of those who lost their lives or were injured in the fire in the Colectiv club, went to the scene of the tragedy last week, one month after the events to bring flowers, light a candle and say a prayer in memory of the 60 people who died.

Hardened by grief, their eyes too tired from so many tears flowed, the relatives of those who died in the death club gathered their strength with difficulty to get to the place of tragedy. They lit a candle and left a flower and prayed that up there, where the 60 young men had gone, they would be better off. 30 injured people are now fighting for their lives, who are hospitalized abroad, the last to be transported to Vienna on Monday, by a plane from the Ministry of the Interior.

Another 31 young people receive medical care at hospitals in the capital.

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