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Mihai Constantinescu, the moment that broke his heart!

Mihai Constantinescu has died last week after months of trying to survive a serious stroke. At the age of 73, the late artist died surprisingly just when the family thought he was finally going through the critical phase.

"He is doing well recently. We thought we would get him out of intensive care … We had reasons to be optimistic, we thought we might put him out, that we will get him back home " said his wife, Simona Secrier exclusively for WOWbiz.ro shortly after Mihai Constantinescu's death. I found out what Simona does, Mihai Constantinescus widow all day! "He does not recover"

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1 years ago: "I understood that life is an illusion and that we are passengers. When the reel ends there was nothing in the end. ”

At the funeral, many came to mourn the artist and among their remorse they also remembered that he had been abandoned by people for several years. music or those who could handle the stars of the communist era with minimal respect. As an example, he talked about Mihai Constantinescu and the moment that broke his heart before he really got sick.

Mihai Constantinescu, the moment that broke his heart! " I stayed with friends"

Thus, few people know that the great singer was evacuated from his nationalized house in 2007 and for a long time he was on his way.

In an interview, Mihai Constantinescu told me that he was taken home where he had lived for 20 years, and the building was taken over by the legal owners of the nationalized building. "It was horrible. I stayed with friends, then with my sister, and now I rent. At my age you would sit at the doors of others who would have imagined. I feel like I'm going crazy when I remember. And now we, too, ejected from the house, have to pay the unreasonable rent set by court, EUR 18,000 for the ten months in which I continued to stay in the house as we thought ours, but the court had decided it was for others. the amount was divided by two, some paid by my ex-wife, part of myself, and since I did not have the money, they deposited me with 33% of my monthly income. ", Mihai Constantinescu explained in viva.ro a few years ago, and also specified that … " these problems will make me it leads to the grave. "

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