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Last “plug” iPhone. iOS opens and launches your custom car

A new feature comes with the update of the iOS system on the iPhone. It’s a car key, a digital car key. Through the NFC connection, a user can unlock the car doors and start them.

“Digital car keys can be sent to relatives or friends via iMessage.

Even more interestingly, this feature can be used up to 5 hours after the phone is discharged and take advantage of a lot of backup energy stored in the device.

The same update provides the ability to note and track certain symptoms, such as headaches, chills, sore throats, etc. in the Health application “, according to romaniatv.ro.

Careful! The iPhone secretly tracks every movement. Where the function is “buried”

This is how you see on your iPhone that it tracks your movements in the real world and that you can see on a map. This little known feature is “buried”

; in your iPhone settings and shows you the exact movements in recent months.

What are the “important places” for iPhone?

Your iPhone has a feature called ‘location services’, which uses your location to enhance various features of your device. These include the “Important Places” feature, a real travel log, which is then used to provide other services.

For example, if your iPhone knows your daily route, it can give you personal information about travel plans.

“Let your iPhone learn more about your key locations to give you useful information about these destinations in the form of maps, calendars, photos, and more,” says Apple.

Are the important places on the iPhone safe?

You may panic because Apple keeps track of your travels, but that’s not the case if we believe what officials say. “Important websites are encrypted and cannot be accessed by Apple,” said Apple. This means that location information is stored on your iPhone and encrypted and distributed by you if you need to leave your device.

No stranger can see your important places, nor are they accessible via iCloud. And even if a friend uses your iPhone, he can not access your sites without first going through a block of face or touch identification.

How do you not get caught up in your husband or wife?

But if you’re really worried that a spouse might break into your iPhone and catch you at the bar while you’re at work, it might be worth shutting down the system or at least deleting history. It should also be noted that the “Important places” option is enabled, even if you probably did not know it.

It’s on when you turn on location services when you set up your iPhone, but it’s buried in several setting levels, so most people have no idea.

How to find the map on your iPhone

First launch the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap the privacy section. Then click on Location Services and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you need to click on System Services. Go to the Important Places tab, where you will be asked to log in with Face ID, Touch ID or your password.

You should see a long list of cities that you can use to find different places you have been. All of these locations are marked with time and are displayed on a map at the top of the screen. This map can mark your “home” and “work”, which should be the most visited destinations.

How to remove important sites for iPhone

There are several ways to clean your important places on your iPhone. The first is to simply turn off the “Important Places” feature when you are in that menu. You can also click the Clear History button on Key Places, which clears the accumulated places. You can also turn off location services completely, but that means you will miss out on some really useful map features.

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