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"It's frustrating, I don't know which one to keep." Adi Popa, the first FCSB player to rebel: "When you polish the bank …"

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Chindia VIDEO – FCSB 1-2 | Adrian Popa was crucial for FCSB in the match with Chindia Târgoviște, from the 13th stage, after focusing on the victory goal, made by Gnohere, and eventually broke down. The little midfielder can no longer afford to be a reserve.

"It is not a very pleasant situation, it is very frustrating to know that I am fifth, sixth, seventh or that I do not know the number in my position, but I just have to prepare, get to know, work well and help my team as much as I can.

You realize that it is very difficult to motivate yourself when you know that you have trained well and polished the bank step by step., given the situation, I adapt, I try stay the same, prepare as best as possible, avoid accidents and give the best performance for me first, and if I do well, but surely I will help and the team, as it is today.

How do I fit this position? But I take it, it's her decision, I make the decision I made. I didn't expect it, but I have nothing to do now. In the summer I have to stay serious, avoid accidents and as much as on the field. , 5-10-15 minutes, to do the best I can, to show that I'm a good player and to show that when I'm on the bench, it's unobstructed. So much remains to be done " said Adi Popa.

VIDEO with Adi Popa's statement:

Although Dennis Man was not available, coach Bogdan Argeș Vintilă preferred him instead of Adi Popa, Moruțan, who did not even train enough after an injury suffered by the national team, and this was seen during the first half of the match with Chindia, when he did not have too many achievements, as a result, Moruțan changed to the break when he entered Popa.

This is not the first time as Adi Popa rebels as reserve at FCSB

Adi Popa returned this summer to FCSB, borrowed from Reading and even managed first and the only goal so far, even in the match with Viitorul, won by 2- 1, after 5 consecutive defeats. After that match, the midfielder acknowledged that he was upset because he was not a starter in the match with Victoria Guimaraes. [19659004] "I was frustrated, I think I deserved to play in that match. There have been some discussions about the decision factor in the team like being bold, having a big ass.

Only in Romania can it be discussed in this studio. I can help with my experience, I have over 50 matches in Europe. I came to help. I will do everything to do the same in the future, " Popa at that time.

Popa even distributed a post on the social networks where she appeared. a bad decision to return to FCSB.

Adi Popa, the highest paid player at FCSB, has a huge salary

Popa was bought by Reading in January 2017 for EUR 600,000 from FCSB and was lent out to Al in the first season Taawon (Saudi Arabia) He later returned to the Championship team, but was loaned again, this time to Ludogorets, for which he collected ten matches last season.

  • EUR 20,000 per month covers FCSB from Adi Popa's salary to Thus, he is the highest paid player on FCSB.
  • This season Adrian Popa (31 years old) has played in 6 official matches for FCSB, of which 3 he was a starter and scored. [19659017] 7 trophies conquered P opa with FCSB between August 2012 and January 2017

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