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Huawei P40 and P40 Pro come with dual boot: Android 10 and Harmony OS: Gadget.ro – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


This is officially unverified information and is accessible on international technology sites. Huawei's problems with Google's certification of its products are already well known.

The Chinese company is trying to find solutions to satisfy its customers. I understand that they would have chosen the P40 and P40 Pro to have dual starts, an initiative that has not taken so far. By the way, there were tablets that could be launched on Android and Windows at one point.

Harmony OS is an operating system that Huawei is developing at a rapid pace to get to smartphones, smartwatch, TV, etc. The company's founder also made a statement to make headlines at the gobal level: Harmony OS will provide an experience similar to Apple's iOS in two years .

What do we know about dual launch on the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro at the rumor mill?

You can choose when to start the phone which of the two operating systems should start. They are independent of each other, as if you had two smartphones in one (Harmony OS and Android 10 in the AOSP scene, each with their own applications and files).

I find a compromise solution that shows that Huawei still does not trust its operating system. I guess they think especially about applications and games. It must take a while for the new operating system to become more refined and have an attractive market (sales will generate interest from developers).

It would be good if the smartphone operating system market became more dynamic and a third player coming into the scene. However, I am also skeptical because I realize that we are dealing with a titanic task.

Source: Gizmochina.com

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