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Golin announces a new PR strategy

In recent years, agents around the world, including Golin, have disappeared from the public relations period in favor of other stronger conditions such as integrated, digital and marketing. Progressive PR emphasizes the importance of effective PR for brands and businesses, while strengthening PR value for professionals who have dedicated their careers to this area.

"In the media income industry, our industry needs clarity and conviction about the impact of PR on business," said Matt Neale, CEO of Golin. "PR has never been more important than now. Customers know that attention can not be purchased, but must first be obtained. PR professionals do it better than anyone else. We are proud of what we do and encourage others to have the same commitment in this dynamic discipline. "

As part of GOL's progressive strategy, the Agency launched a new global operating system containing a series of data and analysis products The new technology is designed to generate predictions and support the development of communication strategies to measure the results over Consumer Road.

The first work tool Relevance Radar is a platform that uses artificial intelligence that helps predict and measure opportunities for customers. The second CXPR is a mix of PR and customer experience techniques that are useful for building stronger brand relationships and consumers to convey persuasive stories and to improve the relationship with influences in key moments. CXPR brings together social insights to influence business decisions. Both, Relevance Radar and CXPR match with consumer relations to maximize impact on customers.

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To support its customers to operate more diverse global markets, the desired Golin that every office should reflect the city and the community it belongs to. To achieve this goal, Golin Margenett Moore-Roberts, the former global manager of inclusion and diversity in Yahoo, employed. In his role as Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Golin, Margenett gives advice to Golin clients and groups looking at strategies for reaching different societies around the world

In addition, as part of the Agency's progressive strategy, Golin has committed itself to ensure equality in paying employees in offices around the world including affiliates

Golin is a progressive PR agency that customizes creative-focused and data-driven creativity with consumer travel to maximize customer impact and reach a versatile global marketplace. With 50 offices around the world, more than 1,700 employees and more than 60 years of experience, Golin has been appointed Golin PRWeek Global's annual agency. PRmoment Large Agency of the Year; PRWeek Britain's best body for working for British counseling of the year; PRCA's great advice of the year; This year's PR advice and best workplace for Holmes Report – from 2014 to today. Golin is part of the interpublic group

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