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Daimler will make layoffs globally / Bilgruppen also has two production units in Romania

The automatic group Daimler AG as a global dismissal of 1100 commanders, or about 10% of its leadership, announced the German publication Sueddeutsche Zeitung with reference to a newsletter presented by the union, Deutsche Welle and Reuters reported. [19659002] A spokesman for the Daimler employees' union referred to an internal letter issued by the head of organization, Michael Brecht.

"The union was recently informed by management about the financial situation and the company's employees. The talks have begun, we have no results yet," he told Brecht's employees.

Daimler Union excludes mandatory layoffs by 2030, and voluntary departures are possible, but only if both parties agree, he said. Brecht.

New CEO Ola Kaellenius will present on November 1

4, an update of the strategy, which will include cost reduction measures.

The Daimler representatives said the company is working on a cost analysis so that it remains competitive.

"We are in constructive negotiations with employee representatives and we cannot comment on speculation," said a spokesman for Daimler.

Daimler's operating profit increased slightly in the third quarter of this year, due to an 8% increase in sales of Mercedes-Benz cars, but the German group announced cost reductions and warned it could increase regulations in connection with the recall of diesel vehicles.

During the period July-September 2019, profit before tax and interest (EBIT) increased by 8% to EUR 2.69 billion, from EUR 2.49 billion a year ago. Sales also increased by 8% to EUR 43.3 billion.

The company announced that it would change costs after the profit margin in the Mercedes-Benz Cars division fell to 6%, from 6.3% a year ago, due to production problems with the Mercedes GLS and the equipment for cars with expensive emission filters.

"In order to complete the transformation plan in the coming years, it is necessary to significantly increase our efforts: We must significantly reduce our costs and significantly increase our cash flow," says CEO Ola Kaellenius without providing further information.

Daimler owns the luxury division Mercedes -Benz and the Smart brand.

In Romania Daimler has two production units in Cugir and Sebeş.

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