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Counterfeit foods, a health risk

Honey is counterfeit in overwhelming proportions, and black bread, not to mention. Dyes are indispensable ingredients in many, too many products for consumption. If you did not know, honey, olive oil, cold cuts, dairy products and bread are among the most counterfeit foods.

How do you recognize them? That’s the problem. You do not really succeed. Tests are done with exact results in laboratories, but when we get there we eat. And we forget. Especially since the taste is good.

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I’m a health risk

If you reduce the amount of sausage consumed, the health risks are lower. But if you ignore warnings from specialists and nutritionists, you expose yourself to problems that worsen over time.

A counterfeit food means that an ingredient in its composition has been removed in whole or in part or that various substances have been added in appearance, weight or volume. Or everything in one place.

Counterfeit foods are also products that are “enriched” with more additives than allowed.

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