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"Cernobâlul pe gheaţă", alimentat cu combustible nuclear, from a plaque of 5,000 kilometers per lungul Oceanului Arctic

The Murmansk spread is extremely orientated, very central to nuclear plumbing, and its pregate to the sea is about 5,000 miles away from the Oceanului Arctic lung, as well as a private liaison with a private organization with the private organization Destination Registry for fragile, transmit AFP.

Destinations for all manufacturing operations in the extreme areas of the insulation, central to the site of the University of Lomonossov, and in the case of the Northern Wall of Portfolio Combustible Nuclear, in Pevek Direct, in the direction of Siberia Oriental, in the Chukotka Autonomous District. ] Pasajul the north-west, o cale maritimă cu o lungime de about 5,780 km ce leagă Oceanul Atlantic de O Ceanul Pacific de lunga coastei de north in Rusiei, is your place of access to the top of the world glacier and your caucus is not global

Akademik Lomonossov, or the 21

,000 tone of motor proprietary multe nave de-a lungul călătoriei sale. Central nuclear plots are complementary to reacting with capacities of 35 MW of fuel, apropos of the gas generator and propulsion nuclear, of the capacity of 1,000 MW of reactor over a 1961 central nuclear generation. Potrivit AFP, Akademik Lomonossov are the longest of 144 metrics and 30 of the metrics are a board of 69 people. Until then, Pevek, the Akademik Lomonossov, from the racetrack of energy energetic local is the source of operational operations in the field of business. If you are a popular consumer with your Siberia Oriental, you now have about 5,000 locations, a central nuclear power plant, and 100,000 people in your destination, with a special, highly specialized platform for petroleum in your region, your zone Arctic.

Greenpeace Russia: Orice central nuclear produces this radioactive they are at risk

"May be duly created by radioactivity in the Arhanghelsk region (North-West Rusiei), a precarious and accidental accident of authoritative ruse and spousal, and an implication of testing of platform or march.

" Orice Central Nuclear Produce radioactive they are at risk of accident, where Akademik Lomonossov is in May vulnerabilă la furtuni evening in a further oceanul Arctic conditional meteo healthy extreme of imprevizibile, sister Rachid Alimov de la Greenpeace Russia. Potrivit aestuia, Chukotka district, or government may decree Franţa there care of 50,000 locators, "are potentially a huge amount of energy in oil or central nuclear plots to modulate multi-priceless electricity production." 19659005] Chiar dacă pare periculoasă, ideea unei central nuclear plutitoare nu a apărut din senin. Industries nuclear, care and present are reinvented, full and present react to the different dimensions, in the car of a client no client. Inspireţia vine your domain name naval, care utilize the multi-timed reactor nucleation of the various dimensions of the propulsion submarinelor, spiralor of the guarantor and portavioanelor. Grupul rus Rosatom can be used as a solution or solution for decentralized nuclear classic

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