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Turkey covers the budget deficit with funds transferred from the central bank

The Turkish government was able to repair its deteriorating financial situation in July with a significant infusion of funds from the central bank, informs Bloomberg quoted by Agerpres. According to data published on the website of the Central Bank of Turkey, last year the institution transferred to the Treasury approximately £ 22 billion ($ 3.94 billion), the largest transfer since …

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Jean-Claude Juncker, Emergency Operation

Jean-Claude Juncker will be urgently driven in Luxembourg to remove the gallbladder. Acting President of the European Commission "was transported to Luxembourg, where he urgently underwent a cholecystectomy ( At the NATO summit last year, the 64-year-old Juncker was filmed with difficulties in maintaining his balance, and the European Commission explained that he Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that he will …

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Soccer ball care is a tranşt logodnica for a date to revise the football terenul. La ce echipă va juca acesta

Echipa care is provided to your regional and state divisions by Minas Gerais as they are numbered by Pocos de Caldas FC semi-deschis, duciderea fostei sale logodnice Eliza Samudio in 2010. Conforming to the clause, only avail of the authorization of your Brazilian court of law or postal transfer to a local position of [1945] Calc9 Portarul, at the 25th …

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Why did Democrat Rashida Tlaib give up on meeting his grandmother

"I decided that my grandmother's visit under these oppressive conditions would run counter to everything I believe in: fighting racism, oppression and injustice," she points out in her message. On Friday, Israel decided to approve entry of Rashide Tlaib for a "humanitarian visit to Grandma" after she previously refused access to the Palestinian territories because of her support for the …

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MAE announces how many migrants from the Open Arms charity will receive Romania

On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Romania had recently been contacted by the European Commission and after discussions, our country will take over 10 migrants from Malta aboard charities with open arms. MAE announces that migrants from Open Arms charity vessels will receive Romania "Romanian authorities are aware of the situation in the Mediterranean and Romania has …

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MAE: Romania takes over 10 immigrants from Malta

The Foreign Ministry (MFA) specifies that Romania will take ten immigrants from Malta, who will be relocated, after responding favorably with other states to a takeover by the European Commission. "It is a decision that shows Romania's readiness to contribute to the solidarity effort in such situations, to be vulnerable people in need of protection, and this response puts no …

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