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Apple couldn't release one, but three iPhone 5G models

It's a big shot at Apple, Tim Cook's company. It looks like the launch of the first 5G phone in the US corporate portfolio would be ready. And there will be not only one iPhone model, but three. Apple is starting to shake expectations of large-scale 5G technology. Representatives of Tim Cook's companies are trying to mobilize their suppliers during …

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AirPods Pro is launched in Romania, ONLY USED

AirPods Pro was launched today in Apple stores, including in Romania, in this page and some of the headphones sold. , was also dismantled. The full disclosure of AirPods Pro has revealed what many expect to hear, more precisely that they cannot be repaired, just like the models launched before them. AirPods Pro cannot be repaired if it is damaged …

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Detalii Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T, cat costa si ganduri staff

Uite Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T pareri, pret Romania si impresii. Weekend-ul's biggest so-so intrepturi iar noi nu putem opune acestui aspect 🙂 Cu acest prilej de sarbatoare spermam so ridicam la inaltimea asteptarilor voastre 🙂 Incercam so infaptuim acest aspect prinentarea noului smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Terminalul este un mid-range premium de buget identi cu device-ul Redmi Note 8. Insa, just …

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Apple has made a SAT with iOS 13.2, launching iOS 13.2.1

iOS 13.2 was released in recent days by Apple, but unfortunately for everyone, the new update came with an extremely big problem for some users. products. HomePod users remained stuck with them in an attempt to install iOS 13.2, where Apple recognizes the problem and warns people to avoid updating until a new version is released by Americans. iOS 13.2 …

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Samsung GALAXY S11 este urmatorul mare smartphone pe care compania coreeana Samsung il pregateste pentru launcher in cursul urmatoarelor luni, but important so este una crucial pentru viitorul. Samsung confirms in cursive noptii trecute ca in T3 2019 profit sau a scazut cu 56%, in ciuda faptului ca Samsung GALAXY Note 10 a avut vanzari bune, if Samsung GALAXY S11 …

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reduce the care poți profita azi

Campania eMAG the Halloween and ajuns în ultima zi. Astfel, may be in the mail or in this place. In the futuristic list, you can see something like my laptop, TV or phone. Altfel, rămâne cum s-a stabilit: Black Friday pe 15 noiembrie. Campania de Halloween and eMAG e un fel the pregătire pentru Black Friday. A venue with an …

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