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French police, Take an ATAC with MOLOTOV COCKTAILS! Two legislators are in a big state

According to Agerpres, Molotov Cocktails was launched on a police car that examined a video camera at Viry-Chatillon, about 30 kilometers from Paris. Two of the police are in serious trouble. "Two police officers were seriously injured." They suffered severe burns, says a police source, according to local media. It seems that the attack was established by a group that …

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As if there were not enough negative problems with them, Huawei still gives a reason to throw stones

As if the problems with Huawei recently would not have been sufficient here today, there are still some negative elements in the equation that draws general criticism, it is because the company's telephone users Chinese began to see commercials in the lock screen. As you can see through the screenshots below, advertising for a hotel reservation service has appeared directly …

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What comes Tesla to their cars, besides games

<img width = "600" height = "338" src = "https://dojotech.ro/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Ce-va-aduce-Tesla-pentru-masinile-sale- in-afara-de-jocuri.jpg "class =" aligncenter featured_image wp-post-image "alt =" The newest game that will be on Tesla's massive infotainment center is Bethesda Fallout Shelter, the free post-apocalyptic game that has been released for mobile devices in 2015. This game connects Cuphead announced to Tesla this month. Now the company CEO Elon …

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Samsung TV for billionaires has a release date

Finally, Samsung's The Wall Luxury TV will be purchased from the richest. Still not sure what the price of the TV will be, but certainly will not be cheap. Wall Luxury will be available in July globally. This will be Samsung's first Micro LED screen sold to the public. This phone is scalable, and the screen can be changed from …

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The Logitech cu performanță și precizie ma bun gaming

Vera Iurcu Logitech Gain a cadrul Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) îmbunătăeairea and train models model the gaming cu senzorul exclusive Logitech HERO 16K. Noile adiții ale serie HERO 16k incl -l Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED wireless, mouse-ul Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED wireless și mouse-ul Logitech G403 HERO, allow cellular modeling to perform performance performances as well as track information in the case …

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Noi accesorii destinate lazy Galaxy Note 10 monkeys online; Fill in the protection ecran este fotografiată

După numeroase randări sosite online pentru samsung galaxy note 10, iată cum ajunge în punctul în care apar i accesorii fotografiate. Am avut ce-i killed și leak-uri pentru huse, dar de această dată primime ceva may interesting interest in photography care pare and prezenta o il protecție pentru ecranul viitorului phablet. Now imtim exact It is possible to use Note …

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