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5-6 minutes pe pacient afectează decizia medicală

A medical report, Facebook, situates the unit of primary and unprepared 150 people in 5-6 minutes to allocate patient-specific medical decisions, in the case of personalized and affected by this strategy. the volume of the Medicul Alina Martău, of the UPU Pite ,ti, and post, on this page the socializer, a text prin care to express revolt of the volume …

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How many teeth would the monster from Caracal Alexandrei Măceșanu have removed. It's amazing what he has up to

After searching Gheorghe Dincă's home, investigators discovered an improvised oven in a barrel and from there they took horrible evidence. 21 pieces of human teeth. Three rings were also discovered, a female-type chain, two fragments of accessory chains, a rectangular metal piece, and a piece resembling a ring bracket that had traces of burning. An adult has 8 incisions, 4 …

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Alpinistul Zsolt Torok and murit în Munții Făgăraș

Alpinistul which dispenses in Munții Făgăraș este celebrul Zsolt Torok fi a fost găsit mort, and confirms with the Digi24.ro ministrul the internal, Mihai Fifor. Alpinistul avea 45 de ani. It is possible to record a mountain of alpine romance in the world. Ministry of Internal Mihai Fifor and post on Facebook or photography by Zsolt Torok in the message …

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C. ftefănescu, despre incidentul cu militarul leşinat lângă Iohannis: Mulţi spun că e rău. Eu zic că e exponentul celor care l-au votat îl susţin

Codrin ftefănescu and reaction to the imaginary aperture in public American military care and teaching along with Klaus Iohannis, for about an hour of shooting. Post Secretary General of PSD Suspicion of Iohannis este exponent of celor care l-au votat that of celor care of your Sustainable Court, 1966002] Imaginea articolului C. . Eu zic că e exponentul celor care …

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Apple La 112: Valea Vaserului Intervention, Duplicate to the Vocation of Mocăniţei and their Din Now / UPDATE: Accidentul fost confirms ISU

Salvation of your Maramureş with pornography of Valea Vaserului, an extremely appealing 112 of advertising in the Mocăniţei and their appeal now. al Mocăniţei and its now / UPDATE: Accident and a post confirming the ISU ” id=”main_picture”/> Appl la 112: Intervention of Valea Vaserului, dupá ce un vagon al Mocăniţei and its now traceul Mocăniţei. An unpopular apple is …

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