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"It's fun, but it can be a goal"

US President Dan Barna commented on Digi24 on Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's statement that a parliamentary commission is needed to investigate possible fraud at the May 26 elections in the European Parliament. The idea is ridiculous, says Dan Barna, whom the government has organized the election, but it can also have a serious role: electronic voting " I'll laugh at …

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Klaus Iohanni's response to the Venice Commission's view of changing the right to justice: Government needs to repair injustice – News sources

President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, has immediate response after the Venice Commission published its view on the amendment of the law of parliament in the PSD-ALDE majority. The President believes that the Venice Commission specialists have clarified that the amendments to the Law of Justice have damaged the Romanian judiciary, but also the image of Romania and therefore require the …

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Calin Popescu Tariceanu announces a reversal of the situation: coalition support Isarescu to NBR – News on sources

Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu said Mugur Isarescu will be supported by the PSD-ALDE coalition for a new mandate for the NBR Governor. Prior to the election, Liviu Dragnea and his relatives were in a total war with Isarescu and threatened to dismiss him. Now the situation has changed and the coalition supports Isarescu "Mugur Isărescu has our support for …

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Day Z for Kovesi – CSM to decide on judicial inspection fees – News sources

On Monday, SCM's disciplinary prosecution decides on one of the measures aimed at Laura Codruta Kovesi. With regard to another disciplinary act of the judicial inspection, where disciplinary inquiry and Marius Iacob is investigated, the decision was postponed by September 18, writes news.ro Prosecution for prosecutors in disciplinary proceedings in the two measures aimed at Laura Codruţa Kovesi has been …

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Lucian from Bucharest was on bus 336 when he heard a conversation that left him speechless. He immediately laughed

Lucian from Bucharest was on bus 336 when he heard a conversation that left him speechless. Specifically, even though the bus was air conditioned, a lady continued to quit the fan. When a gentleman noticed, the woman had a brilliant answer. The moment was reported on the Facebook page: "Listen to RATB". "In 336, the air conditioning did its job …

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Viorica Dăncilă îi bate obrazul la la Klaus Iohannis: L-aș lăsa CORIGENT pe domnul președinte – Stiri pe surse

Premierul Viorica Dăncilă susține că președintele Klaus Iohannis s-a implicat puțin în cazul președinției rotative exercitată de România toi tocmai de aceea l-ar lăsa corigent pe Iohannis. This is how it works when it comes to working with people who are involved, as well as staff members. (…) Contribuția la la această președinție rotativă este foarte mică. L-aș lăsa corigent …

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