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Ban on public prisoners: PNL prophesies Senate funeral for draft revision of constitution – News sources

The leader of the PNL deputies, Florin Roman, appreciated on Tuesday in the House of Representatives, where the citizens’ initiative to revise the constitution “No criminals in public positions” is discussed, that even if the project will be adopted by deputies, it will be as needed Senate “. “The truth is that ‘No criminals in public office’ will not happen …

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Scandal with bribes and bribery! Soldiers and celebrities targeted searches – News from sources

Police from the Prahova Criminal Investigation Service are conducting seven searches in the county on Tuesday in a case concerning international traffic with stolen vehicles from abroad. Sources claim that several people are targeted, including gender orders and the military. Doctors from Victor Babeș abolish those who do not believe in coronavirus: “You are all masters of words ….. you …

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You do not believe in Covid. Then come with us in maskless intensive care and take a deep breath! It’s different than shouting in the square

Doctor Simin Aysel Florescu, from the “Victor Babeș” Hospital in Bucharest, sends an extremely harsh message to those who support theories about the non-existence of the virus and who refuse to wear a sanitary mask. She makes them imagine the scenario where she would be sitting without a mask in an intensive care unit, with patients who can barely breathe. …

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Earthquake in Buzau, Tuesday morning: how big it was – News from sources

A magnitude 3 earthquake on the Richter scale occurred on Tuesday morning, at 05:44 local time, in the seismic area of ​​Vrancea, Buzau County, according to information published by the National Research and Development Institute for Earth Physics (INCDFP). The quake occurred at a depth of 127 kilometers. The situation is getting out of hand in the USA: California is …

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Grief in the PSD. He died suddenly, only 56 years old

“We are very sad. The Social Democratic team from Prahova has lost a strong leader. Our colleague and friend Neacșu Vasilică, mayor and de facto mayor of Valea Călugărească municipality, has left us. Nobody prepares us for such moments, that is why it is the only what we can do is express our pain and frustration in words. With sorrow …

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