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The Truth About Nettles. Do not eat them anymore if you suffer from these diseases

Boneless has many health benefits, but few know that they can do more harm in some cases, especially those who suffer from certain diseases. The bars contain many vitamins, mineral salts, protein substances, folic acid and amines, but have a long list of contraindications. They should not be eaten by people with cardiovascular problems, because they are consumed in large …

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Cele May eficiente method the tratament al fibromului uterine

Aproximativ jumătate dintre femeile cu vrste cuprinse între 21 şi 49 the ani care ajung la ginecologist healthy diagnosis of fibrom uterine, potrivit celor may recent statisticians. The altfel, această afecţiune este cea mai frecventă tumoare benignă care see the structure of musculară uterină, la femeile aflate în perioada fertilă. "Fibromul uterin este o tumoare, dar una benignă. Now, un …

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Circulatory System: Associated Functions and Diseases

The circulatory system is a large number of organs and vessels responsible for blood flow, nutrients, hormones, oxygen and other gases from and to other cells. Without the circulatory system, the body could not fight disease. Although most people see blood circulation as a simple method of blood transfer, it is taken from three independent systems that work together: heart, …

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Six students from Hantesti were diagnosed with measles

Six students from Hantesti were diagnosed with measles DSP representatives Suceava announced that there is a measles seal at Hantesti. It is after six students have been diagnosed with this disease. Three out of six students seem to be vaccinated against the disease. The first case of the six was diagnosed on March 16, 2018. At the same time, the …

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Exercise at an advanced age maintains the young immune system

Physical exercise of elderly protects them from the effects of the immune system's decline and infections, according to a BBC study The researchers monitored 125 long-distance cyclists, some of them at the age of 80, and found their immune system to resemble 20-year-olds. "If physical exercises were in the form of pills, everyone would take them," said Professor Norman Lazarus, …

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Scary! Find out why there is no cure for cancer?

At one point, according to researchers, one in two people will develop cancer sometime in their lives. And this statistic has led to the emergence of an important issue: why is there no cancer treatment considering all the time and money to study the disease? IFL Science notes that one of the main problems is linked to how people understand …

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