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Madalina Manole’s father, in tears. What happens 10 years after the artist’s death. Overwhelming message

Today it is ten years since the beloved artist Mădălina Manole committed suicide and her father, Ion Manole, has not seen his nephew for so long. We recall that the soloist ended her days on July 14, 210, at the age of 43, on her birthday, after drinking pesticides. The overwhelming message from Madalina Manole’s father at ten years since …

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Who has the highest salary: Adela Popescu or Cove? What they recognized in Măruță’s show

Adela Popescu and Gabriel Coveșeanu were invited to Cătălin Măruță’s show where they made sensational revelations. The two took the friendship test in the show “La Măruță” and gave a lot of unknown information from home. Who has the highest salary: Adela Popescu or Cove? According to their “Friendship Test” revelations, the most proud of them seems to be Cove. …

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Photo gallery | David Beckham’s father-in-law’s enormous fortune! His son, Brooklyn, is getting ready for the wedding

Sassuolo – juventus (Wednesday, time 22:45, Digi Sport 1) Atalanta – Brescia (Tuesday, time 22:45, Digi Sport 2) Hollywood star Peltz, like Brooklyn, comes from an extremely wealthy family. Beckhams has an estimated fortune of 335 million pounds, writes the tabloid The Sun, while Nicole’s father, Nelson (78 years old), has a fortune of about 1.3 million pounds, the cited …

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Oana Radu managed to lose weight again, after losing the fight with the kilograms. What does the artist look like now. “Size S and already wide” | Entertainment, The Moon | Freedom

Recently, Oana added a photo where she is shown in the gym, after the workout. In addition, she admitted that she ended up with size S on her pants, and in some pairs, size S is a bit large. “Size S and already wide”, the artist shared with fans on Instagram. Oana Radu shared with fans the secrets of her …

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