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Toshiba has officially left the portable market. Who took his place

Toshiba has been manufacturing laptops for 35 years. The first laptop was manufactured in 1985 and had internal rechargeable batteries, a floppy disk drive and 256K storage memory. The T1100 was then sold for about $ 2,000. Between 1990 and 2000, Toshiba was among the best PC manufacturers in the world, but as competition grew, Toshiba’s laptops declined in popularity. …

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Technology giant Huawei is running out of processor chips. US sanctions force the company to stop production

Huawei Technologies Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones and networking equipment, together with TikTok and WeChat, is at the center of tensions between the United States and China, which is at the forefront of technology and security. Washington has suspended access to components and technology imported from the United States, including programs downloaded from the Play Store, …

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Huawei has suspended production of flagship chips from Kirin due to US pressure on its operations

Huawei Technologies will stop production of the Kirin flagship next month due to the impact of US pressure on its operations, according to the financial newspaper Caixin, reports Reuters.US pressure on Huawei suppliers has made it impossible for the Chinese group HiSilicon’s chip division to continue manufacturing chips, which are essential components for mobile phones, says Richard Yu, CEO of …

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HUAWEI: HISTORICAL DECISION, what it will do for the new phones

Huawei announced yesterday a historic decision for the future phone models he is currently working on, and of course it has everything to do with US sanctions. Huawei has confirmed that the phones launched after the Huawei Mate 40 series will no longer have Kirin chips, which can no longer be produced by the company with the highest quality standard …

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BANCA TRANSILVANIA: SURPRISE, what it does for romance clients

BANCA Transilvania surprises again this weekend, and we are talking about a new announcement addressed to all Romanian customers in the bank, as they have something good this weekend. More precisely, the people from BANCA Transilvania planned to organize a BT Pay weekend, just like a week ago, and for the customers they prepared two very interesting surprises, one of …

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Two functions that at Mercedes-Benz are completely different from other cars

Mercedes-Benz is the company that leads the luxury segment in the chapter sale ahead of eternal rivals BMW and Audi. But the Stuttgart-based premium manufacturer equips its models with two completely different features than those found in models from competing companies. What it is? PHOTO GALLERY In 1886, Carl Benz patented his invention. The Benz Patent Motorwagen was the first …

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