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Boris Johnson urges EU to postpone Brexit, announces Donald Tusk

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent an official letter requesting the suspension of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, announced on Saturday night to Donald Donald, the incumbent President of the European Council.

"The request for renewal has just arrived. I will start consulting with the leaders of the European Union to decide how to respond," Donald Tusk informed on Twitter.

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Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had assured President Donald Tusk that a letter would be sent to him even on Saturday night to announce its request to postpone Brexit, normally scheduled for October 31.

On Saturday, the lower house decided to postpone the vote on the Brexit agreement until the adopted legislation is adopted. will implement this agreement, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said immediately afterwards that he would not negotiate with the EU on any new postponement of Brexit.

Adopting legislation in connection with the Brexit agreement will take at least a few months.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson under the laws passed by the British Parliament, as late as 23:00, London time (24:00, Brussels time, Sunday 1:00, Romania time) to make an official request to postpone Britain's exit from the EU.

According to sources in Brussels, the European Union is ready to grant Britain a new postponement of Brexit, in the context of the political stalemate in London, writes Mediafax.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced that he would not demand postponement of Brexit, claiming that next week it would seek approval of the EU withdrawal agreement and related legislation.

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