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Boris Johnson, intervener in Parliament. A referendum, which is a strategy of the British

Parliament and a vote in favor of blocea aprobării nului acord pentru Brexit, negotiated by Boris Johnson and the European Union. May be exact, premier British and French for now or in the United States and Marii Britanii your bloc communitar. Sfidător, șeful Guvernului de la Londra a spus cu now va cere a ceva săptămâna viitoare of supune la vot noul acord. One of the parliamentarians, especially the British, is sitting in a stratagem of the European Union and the European Union is organizing a referendum.

A surprise to the atmosphere of the Londra journalist Digi24 Marius Pancu. Imagine:

How do you intend to get Brexitul?

Parliamentarians who are now in favor of Boris Johnson: voting now to try a new Brexit, now that it is now being analyzed va adopta toată legislaţia necesară. Score 322 of voting on 306.

Practical, premier British version of the European Union in the European Union as of January 31, 2020, so we need to agree on a new community.

Boris Johnson now couple of impressions: a note, deja, now they are in conformity with the article on voting on that account.

"The European Union's Marea Britannia is open until now on 31st December . Now the negatives and amendments to the UE are now mandatory for the facsimile solution. Le voi spune prietilor is colegilor din UE exactly ce le-am spus tuturor in ultimate 88 de zile de canand sunt premier, orice amanare of the pentru ţară, pentru Uniunea Europeană ii democratia ”, a declaration Boris Johnson. [19659005OppositiontoareamingstateBorisJohnsonisobligedtopaythepriceoftheBrexituluiamandaarea

"Premierul trebuie s respectively respected legum acum. Now, my position will be open to the public on the occasion of parliamentary parliamentary elections on the accord. First and foremost, the parliament, the Pentateuch and the state now seek the Prime Minister's Office, see pairs, the prerogative of data and information or empty parliamentary parliament. Invite them to attend at least a reminder of care for private refusal in a separate area, ”declares Liderul Labourist Jeremy Corbyn.

. It is true that the Brexit agreement is extremely popular now.

"Cu to avi copii, cu toţi avem nepoţi, not to be a vient pentru ei, care este in Europe, imprunună cu to toi prietiii to their families south of Europe ”, a spus un manifestant.

Noile is now evolving into a trace of incertitude in a private way. May be European lenders in their respective categories of new and Brexit people.

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